HP Photosmart Pro B9180

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The HP Photosmart Pro B9180 is a professional photo printer which offers vivid color and user-friendly controls for gallery-quality, durable photos and prints on a wide range of papers up to B+ size prints. Other features including Photo Pigment 8 color IIT, 4800-optimized dpi, 3.5 x 5-inch up to 13 x 19-inch prints with or without borders and it supports Adobe RGB and sRGB. The printer is measuring in at 23.50″ x 26.50″ x 9.50″ with a MSRP of $799

HP Photosmart Pro B9180
HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Latest Price

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PhotoReviewAU reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 and concludes;
“There’s a lot to like about HP’s B9180 printer. It’s solidly built, reasonably priced and capable of making high-quality prints on a wide range of media. The closed loop calibration system ensures output quality remains consistent and the ability to replace worn print heads means you can view it as a long-term investment. Paper loading is relatively problem-free – as long as you adhere to HP’s guidelines and you don’t have to change cartridges when swapping between glossy and matte papers..”

O’Reilly reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 and concludes;
Pros: Outstanding color and B&W output, Densitometric closed loop color calibration system for consistent output, Excellent paper stocks for fine art printing, Impressive 200+ year archival rating with HP inks and paper, Easy to use Photoshop Pro Printer plug-in, No cartridge swapping for different paper stocks, Rugged construction that feels durable with user-replaceable print heads, Convenient ink level LCD indicator on outside of unit, Large capacity 28cc ink cartridges for long life, Always ready to print thanks to auto printhead monitoring system, Both USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity built right in, Very competitive price: as low as $510 US. Cons: No roll paper adapter, Temperamental manual paper feed when using the Specialty Media Tray, Paper and ink hard to find at standard retail outlets; often must order online, Certain types of paper jams force you to restart the printer and wait a long time to resume work.”

Luminous Landscape reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 and writes;
“The following are the printing times, using the regular printer drivers, for a 9X11″ standard test file in colour, at each printer’s highest quality printing mode. The paper size was 11X17″, or Tabloid as HP calls it (ANSI B as Canon calls it). Timing started when Print was pressed and stopped when the paper was ejected from the printer. HP B9180 = 3 minutes, 54 seconds. Canon iPF5000 = 3 minutes, 25 seconds. Epson Pro 4800 = 3 minutes, 45 seconds. As can be seen, these printers are each within a few seconds of the others in print speed. …But, if a desktop 13X19″ printer is on your shopping list, the new HP B9180 is definitely one that should be looked at and considered closely. There’s little wrong with it, and a great deal to like.”

MacWorld reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 and writes;
“HP’s efforts wouldn’t amount to much if the output wasn’t great, and here the company succeeds. The prints we got from the Photosmart Pro B9180 were the best we’ve ever seen out of an HP printer. In addition to providing an excellent tonal range, it was extremely hard to see any dots on most prints, and even then they were only visible with certain paper types and under close scrutiny with a loupe. And for photographers interested in black-and-white images, the B9180’s prints were neutral in appearance, without any evidence of metameric failure (color casts visible under different lighting conditions).”

TrustedReviews reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 (9/10) and writes;
“Colours are vibrant, but well controlled, so images don’t look over-excited when they’re not intended to. Our colour test image was one of the best we’ve ever seen. Reds, greens and blues are all well-rendered, looking natural and true. Detail is fine, with sharp edges and intricate lineage and colour gradation is smooth, with no noticeable bands… HP’s new pigment-based Vivera ink technology takes a lot of beating. The vibrancy of colour prints is superb, marred only by slight darkening of black and white, which may need some compensation. Put simply, if we wanted a medium format inkjet photo printer and had less than £500 to spend, we’d buy the Photosmart Pro B9180.”

ITReviews reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 and writes;
“What is going to blow the socks off the professional photographer is the quality of the results. The accuracy of the reproduction and the sharpness, vibrancy and quality of the colours is due to HP’s new “densitometric closed loop colour calibration system” which scans printer-generated colour targets and measures colour density, then adjusts its output accordingly…For professional photographers and serious amateurs, this is the printer you’ve been waiting for, with excellent colour reproduction on a variety of media formats up to A3+ size.”

ComputerActive reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 (5/5) and writes;
“Initial set-up is quite involved. The B9180 uses separate colour cartridges and four, two-colour print heads. Inks have to be primed before the heads are installed and the printer takes half an hour to calibrate itself, during which time it produces a number of progressively improving print-outs. Though this laborious set up is a one-off, the printer administers another (shorter) recalibration when it detects different printer paper.”

PhotographyBlog reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 (4.5/5) and writes;
“Ink use is very light. I don’t have figures for the number of prints possible with a set of cartridges (and it would depend on the media and image printed), but the HP B9180 seems to have inherited the miserly ink use of the DesignJet 130. You can further reduce ink use by leaving the printer on at all times (which is what the user guide recommends). This prevents the printer from doing a full nozzle check and printhead servicing at startup. The HP B9180 will perform a nozzle check each day, and if a clog is found only the affected nozzles are cleaned, saving a great deal of ink. Combined with the larger cartridge size (27ml vs 12-13ml), you’ll spend much less time swapping cartridges out.”

PCW reviews the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 (4.5/5) and writes;
“Colour reproduction, black density, image detail and finish are all superb. We’re used to seeing excellent reproduction from most modern inkjets, but the Photosmart Pro B9180 stands out terms of both the quality and the breadth of what it can do. If you just want to print out holiday snaps, then there’s no need to spend this kind of money on a printer, but if you’re into creative photography or graphic arts, for fun or for profit, then the B9810 will bring your images to life in ways you had never imagined.”

CNET has a preview of the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 ;
“The inks use a resin-encapsulation technique combined with an electrostatic charge to presumably produce smoother, more evenly dispersed droplets. And for cost-conscious users, the printhead performs continuous nozzle checking and can clean an individual nozzle, minimizing ink waste. The new model offers a lot more software color-management tools, as well, including a printing plug-in for Photoshop.”


ORLANDO, USA, February 27th, 2006 – HP today announced the launch of its new HP Photosmart Pro B9180 A3+ Photo Printer, designed specifically for professional photographers.

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