HP Photosmart M437

Last update: Review & Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams (20 September’07)

The HP Photosmart M437 is a digital point-and-shoot camera (announced 8 March 2007) with 6.0 effective million pixel, 3x optical zoom (35mm equivalent: 38-114mm) with HP Steady Photo Anti Shake, and a 2″ LCD screen. The camera is measuring in at 96 x 31 x 64 mm (3.78 x 1.23 x 2.52 in), weighing 131 g and it’s running on 2x AA Alkaline / Photo Lithium / Rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ | Latest Price Info

HP M437 Reviews

Steve’sDigicams reviews the HP Photosmart M437 and writes;
“The HP Photosmart M437 is a very appealing entry-level camera for the novice user looking for a Very simple to use camera. It captures nice photographs with decent performance marks for a camera in this class.”
Rating: N/A

CNET reviews the HP Photosmart M437 and writes;
“The HP Photosmart M437 is one of the least expensive cameras out there, but it’s also one of the least impressive. Its low resolution, poor performance, and disappointing image quality makes it a poor choice for all but the most frugal users. If you really want an easy-to-use budget camera, consider spending a bit more for the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W35. It costs a bit more than the M437, but it’s a much, much better camera.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

GearDigest reviews the HP Photosmart M437 and writes;
” The Auto mode plus the eight additional shooting modes do an excellent job of producing acceptable results, but if you’re looking to digital photography as a hobby you can grow with, you may quickly outgrow this camera.”

HP M437 Samples

HP Photosmart M437 Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams

HP M437 User Manual (PDF)

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– Download HP Photosmart M437 Quick Start Guide
– Download HP Photosmart M437 User Manual

HP M437 Press Release

It’s easy to shoot beautiful 5-megapixel photos with the HP Photosmart M437 Digital Camera – just grab it and start snapping. Easy buttons and menus make photo-taking simple, while the bright, 5.08cm (2-inch) display shows every detail.

The HP Photosmart M437 features excellent image quality – it comes with 3x optical and 5x digital zoom for prints and enlargements up to poster size. Pictures are easy to control and edit with HP steady photo anti-shake and HP Real Life technologies such as HP Design Gallery and in-camera red-eye removal.(1)

Key Features and Benefits

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2 Responses to “HP Photosmart M437”

  1. Harold says:

    Bought this camera straight from the HP site because it was on sale and so did some test shots when it arrived (great shipping BTW – super fast and cheap).

    But unfortunately, the image quality is very poor for three reasons:

    1) The colors are just so bland compared to other point and shoots. Even the bright red flowers out in the back yard looked dreary through this camera.

    2) The image just wasn’t crisp. After I transfered my test shots to my laptop, they were blury – even with the camera sitting on top of a table using the 10-second timer.

    3) Shadow artifacts between high contrast elements. I took a test shot of the recycling bin outside and when the image transfered onto the laptop, I zoomed in and saw dark/black shadows behind the white lettering against the medium blue plastic of the recycling bin.

    All in all, I’m thinking those bad traits may be the result of just a ridiculous compression algorithm before the images are saved. I tried setting the image quality to “Best” but same result 🙁

    One thing that this camera impressed me with was how well it was able to chose the correct white-balance settings no matter what lighting it was being used in.

  2. Michael James says:

    WOW…I have the exact opposite feeling about this camera.

    My color is incredible and the prints that are even better!

    Perhaps your lap top is defected or the program you used to down load / transfer the pictures.

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