HP OfficeJet J4680

HP OfficeJet J4680 is a All-in-One Wireless Printer features Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color when printing from a computer and 1200 input dpi; Resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi optical, up to 19200 enhanced; Hi-Speed USB , IEEE 802.11b , IEEE 802.11g. The HP OfficeJet J4680 measures 17.1″x 15.8″ x 8.5″ (W x D x H) and weighs 5.9 kg (13 lb).

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

HP OfficeJet J4680 Reviews

About.com reviews the HP OfficeJet J4680 and writes;
“Colors on graphics pages looked excellent. Colors were realistic and nicely nuanced, despite all colors coming from a single ink tank. A 4×6 photo, printed on both glossy and matte photo paper, looked excellent in both cases. In about 1:13, the photos came out vivid and sharp. “
Rating: ★★★½☆

Computershopper reviews the HP OfficeJet J4680 and writes;
“Fax and scan capabilities abound. The J4680 can store up to 140 pages in its memory, offers 300-dot-per-inch (dpi) resolution, and transmits faxes at about 3 seconds per page. You can store up to 99 numbers for speed dials as well. The 48-bit scanner offers up to 1,200dpi (or 19,200 dpi enhanced). Text quality is excellent. We could read fonts as small as 3.5 points, and all the copy was crisp, with no fading or smudging.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

PCAdvisor reviews the HP OfficeJet J4680 and writes;
“The OfficeJet J4680’s ink costs are reasonably good–and far better than those of the Dell V305W. The machine ships with a standard 200-page black cartridge and a 360-page tricolour cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridge. A high-yield (700-page) black cartridge costs £18.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

PCWorld reviews the HP OfficeJet J4680 and writes;
“In our tests, the OfficeJet J4680 delivered good-quality output at adequate speeds. It printed plain-text pages at a rate of 7 pages per minute and graphics pages at 2.1 ppm or worse. On plain paper, text looked dark, crisp, and precise; color images looked natural though somewhat grainy. On HP’s own photo paper, color images improved, acquiring a smooth and natural appearance. Scans and copies looked okay, but scans came out very slowly.”
Rating: ★★½☆☆

Cnet reviews the HP OfficeJet J4680 and writes;
“The print quality is definitely the Officejet J6480’s saving grace, especially considering the sluggish output speeds. The black text prints came out a rich, bold black with clear readability all the way down to 2-point text. Color text and graphics on standard 20-pound white paper look equally pleasing: equal saturation, sharp detail in fine lines, and accurate color representations especially in facial tones.”
Rating: ★★½☆☆

User Opinions

HP OfficeJet J4680 User Reviews

HP OJ J4680, | Rating: ★★★★★
“It worked right out of the box and contained all the elements to go to work. The setup was straight forward and extremely simple (windows XP). The print quality was excellent right from the start and the replacement cartridges were available and reasonable in cost. I am looking forward to exploring the many features of this machine. “ – by Grandpa

Great unit if purchased at the right price, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“This printer was replacing an older inkjet, so the quality is leaps and bounds better than its predecessor. However, don’t expect high res quality or anything like that – just pretty good quality printouts (both color and black)… If you can obtain any sort of deal on this printer, it would be worth it. The wireless feature is really the selling point, and if you have no need for this feature, then getting a regular cheaper all-in-one would be a better bet. “ – by regulator

AWESOME for home use, | Rating: ★★★★★
“It is so simple to use that my non-computer savvy parents can fax and scan documents with ease. I don’t know if this will be a good machine for a high volume office, but this is perfect for a home business or personal use. Quality is great, we printed pictures and put them in frames – quality was that good. Regular draft printing is lightning fast and ink usage is not as bad as everyone is making sound like. “ – by ml783

Works with Ubuntu Linux 9.10! | Rating: ★★★★★
“..When we finally talked after 2 days, she was ecstatic about the printer. Everything works out-of-the-box including the fax and the print quality is outstanding! She was totally surprised it was that easy to install. Based on her update after a month of use…the printer is still working flawlessly.” – by D. Basilisco

I love my printer! (from a college student), | Rating: ★★★★★
“What I also love about this printer is that it is very personal. I can customize a bunch of things, which is a plus. I also like the fact that I can choose the option “Fast Draft” even when I am copying. It is also SOOO easy to scan stuff! You can even choose manually if you want it to be a Jpeg, PDF and other option that I didn’t really pay attention to, yet.” – by Mandy

Great Value, | Rating: ★★★★★
“The copy function works just the same as you would expect to find on a wired printer. However the scan feature, while gives the convenience of wireless operation, requires a little getting used to. Print quality is excellent for an inexpensive inkjet; speed isn’t the fastest– but perfectly adequate for home use.” – by wilca59

Amazing machine for the price, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“It can print color and B&W, scan color/BW from scanner bed or stack of papers, copy both color and B&W from scanner bed or stack of papers, and fax from both options. On top of everything else it is wireless. The print speed is good and the quality is very acceptable. I had no problems with setup or software (as opposed to some of the other reviewers).” – by KY

So far, so good, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“So far, so good. While establishing the wireless connection was not entirely hassle-free, I was able to do so on the second attempt at installing the software. The output looks great. The copier is slow compared to a multi-$thousand machine you might find in your place of work, but it was acceptable…given the cost. The fact is, this is a networked all-in-one that appears to be entirely functional, for $69. This price has to be given serious consideration in rating the J4680. If it performs even close to adequately for a year, I would have to say I got my money’s worth. “ – by kookenhaken


HP OfficeJet J4680 Brochure & User Guide

HP OfficeJet J4680 User Guide

Features & Specifications

HP OfficeJet J4680 Features

From the Manufacturer Want the convenience of wireless business printing? Print, fax, scan and copy, plus forget about messy printer cables with the HP Officejet J4680 All-in-One. Easily share your printer using built-in wireless[1] networking, and boost productivity with fast printing and faxing.

Want to make the right impression every time? Create documents with sharp color graphics and laser-quality black text using the HP Officejet J4680 All-in-One. With the right paper, your most important documents will last for decades without fading[2].

Want to save paper? Use HP Smart Web Printing[3] to print web pages without ads, menu bars and other unnecessary info. Simply select the photos and text you want, organize it all on a single page and click “Print”.

Want to save your business money? Print professional color for a lower cost per page than most lasers[4]. With the optional XL high-capacity black cartridge[5], you can even print up to three times more black pages than standard cartridges.

Want to print, fax, scan and copy with ease? Effortlessly manage your print jobs using the text display. Low on ink in one of your cartridges? This HP all-in-one will finish printing your document using the remaining tri-color or black cartridge.

Print wirelessly from any room with the HP Officejet J4680 All-in-One
Reduce the clutter of tangled cables under your desk or in the conference room using built-in wireless networking[1]. You’ll also improve productivity by sharing one printer with multiple people.

Boost your business image and your bottom line
Create your own marketing materials for less. Print professional color for a lower cost per page than lasers[4]. Avoid keeping outdated documents and storing extra copies by printing only what you need, when you need it.

Make your own brochures, flyers and more using HP Brochure Paper and HP Tri-fold Brochure Paper. Find business templates and project ideas at www.hp.com/print

Remember compatible ink, paper and accessories
HP, the #1 brand in ink is the #1 value[6]. The HP Officejet J4680 All-in-One uses two inks: black and tri-color. You can save money on black ink by choosing optional XL high-capacity cartridges[5].

Print all your business documents, from brochures and presentations to invoices and emails, using Original HP paper.

To easily connect your PC to this HP all-in-one, you’ll need a USB cable.

See all the compatible inks and recommended papers here.

Get the specifics
PRINT SPEED: Up to 28 ppm black, up to 22 ppm color[7]
FAX: Up to 140-page fax memory, up to 99 speed dial numbers
SCAN: Resolution up to 1200-dpi optical; maximum scan size 8.5″ x 11.7″
COPY: Reduce/enlarge 25%–400%
PAPER HANDLING: 3″ x 5″ to 8.5″ x 14″; up to 3,000 pages per month

What’s in the box?

* HP Officejet J4680 All-in-One
* HP 901 Black Officejet Ink Cartridge
* HP 901 Tri-color Officejet Ink Cartridge
* Power supply
* Power cord
* Phone cord
* Setup poster
* Fax Getting Started Guide
* Wireless Getting Started Guide
* CD-ROMs (for software)
* USB cable

HP Officejet
Affordable color printing for the home office.

Give your business a boost
Looking for a laser printer? Buy the affordable alternative—HP Officejet. You’ll get the best of both: the laser quality your business needs at the low inkjet prices you want. Print professional color for a lower cost per page than most lasers[4].
Print impressive documents using Original HP ink
Want to avoid the chance of smearing, streaking and clogging? Choose Original HP ink for affordable, reliable printing and print 65% more pages than bargain inks[8].

Want to get more ink for less money? Buy the optional XL high-capacity black cartridge[5].

Reduce, reuse and recycle
Want to help your business go green? Easily save paper using HP Smart Web Printing[3]. Select text and photos from multiple websites, organize it all on a single page and click “Print”. To save even more paper, flip the page over manually and print on both sides.

Since most HP Officejets are ENERGY STAR® qualified products, you can be sure you’re saving power.

Did you know HP recycles your print cartridges for free? Visit www.hp.com/recycle for details. In 2006, HP recycled more than 164 million pounds of hardware and print cartridges—the same weight as 600 jumbo jets.

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