How do professionals print their photos?

Hello everyone!

I intend to do an exhibition soon in my town, I would like to print my photos in good quality and probably frame them with a simple black thin wooden border.

But here is the question.. Where? How and on what do pros print their photos?
Do they print them in simple printing studios (like Kodak etc..) on photo papers?
Do they print them in more printing oriented places on other type of papers? (like the posters etc..).

Is Matte printing better then glossy?

I have so many questions, don’t really know the answers. I have tried printing some of my photos in small versions at Kodak stores, but some of them turned out too dark (need to calibrate the screen).

If anyone has any tips, would be glad to listen 🙂

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How do professionals print their photos?
Posted by Daniel Nahabedian on October 8, 2008 at 7:30pm in GENERAL DISCUSSION

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  1. I too am interested in the answers to these questions.

    Thanks for going out on a limb for us all!

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