HDR Tutorial Using Photomatix and Photoshop

Thinsite.net has a neat tutorial on High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, from capturing HDR shots properly, merging the bracketted shots into a single HDR exposure using Photomatix and the post processing steps in Photoshop.


Click on the image above to enter the tutorial site..

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  1. ramelli says:


    If it can help i did some tutorials myself on using photomatix and then photoshop, you can check them out here :


  2. SheikhNaveed says:

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) Tutorial using 1 JPG

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) Tutorial using 1 JPG states “how to convert simple images into awesome and inspiring one”. Specially beginners will find this tutorial very useful in passion of increasing their HDR skills (HDR using Adobe Photoshop and Photomatix)

    see HDR Tutorial here…

  3. Thank you for sharing HDR secrets!

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