High Dynamic Range Photography

David J. Nightingale’s Under the North Pier photo is one of the best sample of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos we’ve seen so far.

Photo courtesy of David J. Nightingale – Chromasia.com

David took the picture above in six different exposures at f/5.6, between 1/15th and 1/500th and merged them using Photomatrix software.

“As for this attempt: technically, it could be better, especially since the original images are slightly out of alignment with one another (tripod on sand, windy, and so on), but I just love the surreal effect. I wish it didn’t take quite so long to postprocess though – this one took around three hours from start to finish 😉 “


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  1. I am just getting into HDR photography and living in Ontario Canada from Preston England for the past 38 years and seeing Blackpool in HDR is pretty cool….great photo

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