Grabber Warmers Photo Contest

grabber-contestShare the Warmth by submitting a photograph of your favorite place to use Grabber Warmers. It could be your regular campsite in the woods, or a hiking trail high in the mountains, or the still morning meadows waiting for deer to pass through. The more creative and awe-inspiring, the more chance you’ll have of influencing our visitors who vote on the best photo. Once a week, the photograph with the most votes will move on to the Winner’s Circle At the beginning of April 2008, the thirteen most popular photos will be featured in a very special 2009 calendar.


* Entrants inducted into the Winner’s Circle will be awarded a free Full Line Kit of Grabber Warmers ($99 value) and a free 2009 calendar
* The top 13 most popular entrants will have photographs featured in the 2009 calendar and will receive an additional 10 calendars to distribute to friends and family
* The top three most popular entrants will each be awarded a brand new camera ($400 value)

Image requirements:
Please submit original photographs at least 2584 x 1938. Photos must be full color. Entrant must own all rights to the photograph.

Submit your photo

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Grabber Warmers – Grabber Performance Group is a division of John Wagner Associates Inc, a diversified international corporation committed to providing quality products and extraordinary service to its customers. Grabber is the exclusive North American distributor for warmers manufactured by Mycoal Corporation of Japan. Mycoal is the world leader in air-activated warmer sales. The new line of Grabber Warmers by Grabber Mycoal represents the most complete and highest quality brand in the industry. Through hard work and constant innovation, Grabber Mycoal maintains its position as America’s favorite brand of air-activated warmers.

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