Google Picasa Web Albums – Review @ DigitalCameraReview has published a review of Google Picasa Web Albums, Picasa’s newest feature to help users post and share their photos quickly and easily on the web.

picasa screenshot

“The new (and of course still in “beta”) Picasa Web Albums is, to some extent, yet another way to share your images. However, the integration with the Picasa software is very nice and easy to use. And, if you’re away from your computer, you can still access your Web Albums account to upload and share your images. There are still plenty of things that Google can improve upon (like a way to delete select images within an album at one time instead of one at a time), but their philosophy is to get the basic functions there and then just keep on adding. If you’re already a Picasa user, or even if you aren’t, I would recommend trying Picasa Web Albums out (if Google lets you in).”

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