Golozo LLC Launches Viewbug.com

New and Unique File Sharing Website with a New Concept and an Amazing Look

ViewbugShare all your media files under one account, upload and expose your videos, photos and sound files. Win weekly prizes and viewcount rewards.

San Diego, California (PRWEB) August 13, 2007 — Golozo LLC announces the launch of the long awaited revolution in media sharing: viewbug.com

Viewbug.com connects registered members (free membership) with family, friends and other users with the same interests; allowing all types of file sharing, talent exposure, comment posting and messaging.

Exclusive to viewbug.com is the incentive of weekly cash prize rewards for each media type, always protecting copyright infringement. View count rewards are also offered with 3 different payout levels (protected from fraudulent or bogus clicks), every legitimate click counts.

The free account sign up is fast and easy; if a member desires to be eligible for prize payouts, a real paypal registered email address should be used during the signup process. Paypal guarantees direct payment to users and a secure transaction.

Each account profile can be personalized by members and files can be rated by viewers in a fun new way without log in requirement.

Viewbug.com has a BugFavorite section to promote and present original material from creative users in order to help attract more views for these users.

The site is complete with a search box to look for files by filename, user name, categories, tags and media type.

Stop sharing without being rewarded.

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