Gitzo GT3541LS

Gitzo GT3541ls uses advanced “Carbon 6X” carbon fiber material for its leg construction and ideal for use with professional equipment, medium format cameras, and SLRs with an up to 500mm maximum lens attached. The tripod features Versatility, Safe Lock Disc, Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) System, G-Lock Design, 1mm Gitzo 6X Carbon Fiber Tube, Removable Leg Tips and Performance Design. The Gitzo GT3541LS has maximum height of 57.48 in, minimum height 3.94 in, and weighs 3.79 lbs/1.72 kg.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Gitzo GT3541LS User Reviews

Very light and sturdy… Amazing tripod
“I have used it a couple of times and I love it. IMO, you need to buy with it the Gitzo GS3511S Series 3 Carbon 6x Rapid Column For Systematic Tripods – Replaces GS3510S (Black) to be able to easily adjust the height of your camera. The main reason why I bought this tripod is that it can be adjustable to few centimeters above the ground and take amazing pictures. “ – By A. SALHA
Rating: ★★★★★

The lightest, most compact Gitzo tripod in the 3 Series
“I needed a tripod that would give steady support for my pro body + 500mm + Wimberley head — and still be lightweight and compact enough to fit in a 25″ suitcase. The Gitzo 3541LS fit the bill (Closed length = 21.7″, weight 3.7 lb). The max extended height is 57.5″. If you are over 58″ tall it may give you a backache, especially if you’re doing a lot of bird flight photography. The 3541XLS extends to 78″ max, but only collapses to 27.6″ and weighs 4.0 lb. Won’t fit a 25″ suitcase, but if you’re tall, go for the XLS. These are very expensive tripods, but for the serious photographer, they’re worth every penny.” – By Heron Watching
Rating: ★★★★★

A Pleasure to use
“The legs are very light. Its four-section design makes it very compact. I am about five-foot eight, so using the tripod with only three sections extended works well for me, avoiding any four-section instability which may or may not exist. But the added height is available if I ever need it. The controls are very easy to use and operate smoothly, like a fine camera. The top is strong. I bought this tripod, which is overkill for my photographic needs, because I might want to use it for an alt-azimuth telescope mount some day in the future. “ – By Kenny
Rating: ★★★★★

Some things are worth the price
“If you think photography will be an essential part of your life, don’t hesitate in getting this tripod. Of course it is very pricey but you get what you pay for. Precise locking, stable and extremely well made. Barring misuse and lack of care, this tripod should last a very long time. For me the choice came down to the Gitzo 2541 or this one. I chose this one because I will be not be going on really major hikes and I decided to sacrifice the weight for more stability and the ability to support a video camera if needed. For some reason I thought I would second guess myself over the stability factor if I bought the 2541. I did a ton of research and I am happy that I chose the 3541LS. The LS also gives you good height, so your camera is at your eye level. I use it with a Canon 5DII and Arca-Swiss Z1 ballhead. “ – By Nineteen
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Gitzo GT3541LS Expert Reviews

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Gitzo GT3541 User Manual

– Download Gitzo GT3541LS User Manual (PDF – 111kb)

Features & Specifications

Gitzo GT3541LS Features & Specifications

The Gitzo GT3541LS Systematic 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs uses advanced “Carbon 6X” carbon fiber material for its leg construction. This improved tubing is stronger, lighter and as resistant as its 12 layer predecessor. Carbon “6X” is manufactured using a complex, 3-D process weaving 6 layers of carbon fiber into smooth, solid constructed tubes.

The GT3541LS is a longer, eye-level tripod that is part of the Systematic Series 3 range. It is ideal for use with professional equipment, medium format cameras, and SLRs with an up to 500mm maximum lens attached. It offers an excellent load capacity rating of 39.6 lbs (18kg) and good torsional rigidity.

Systematic tripods offer a unique ultra-wide top platform that guarantees an incredibly stable base for any professional high performance equipment. This platform can be removed and replaced with other accessories, making this a fully customizable system.

Systematic tripods are supplied with a flat top plate. The optional support attachments can be fitted by simply unlocking the bolt in the top casting, lifting out the flat plate and fastening in the alternative adapter or column.

Safe Lock Disc
The Safe Lock Disc top plate, composed of a techno-polymer compound, makes it possible to control the locking torque without prematurely stopping camera rotation and ensuring that users’ equipment is safely and effectively locked in place.

Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) System
The Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) system makes it quick and easy to open and close the tripod. Simply turn all of the locking rings at once and the whole leg can be pulled out in seconds.

G-Lock Design
The G-Lock mechanism has been completely redesigned in order to achieve a 20% increase in rigidity, faster operation and stronger, safer locking. G-Lock’s special design also provides a “gravity lock” effect: the higher the load applied vertically to the leg, the stronger the lock.

1mm Gitzo 6X Carbon Fiber Tube
Gitzo was able to develop a six-crossed multilayer carbon fiber 30% lighter than the previous 1.5mm generation that features the same exceptional performance of stability and vibration absorption and unbeatable quality.

Performance Design
Performance design allows the legs to be set individually at 24°, 55° and 90° to cover every angle you want to shoot.

Removable Leg Tips
Removable self-locking rubber leg tips are interchangeable with Gitzo universal accessories such as the big foot, long spike, etc.

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