Gitzo GM3550

Gitzo GM3550 is a 6X Carbon Fiber 5 Section G-Lock Monopod for professionals and advanced amateurs photographer. The tripod features Anti Leg Rotation system to create a sturdy and lightweight support with G-Lock system allows fast operation and stronger, safer locking. The Gitzo GM3550 has maximum height of 75.6″ (192 cm), Folded Length 21.3″ (54 cm), Load Capacity 36.9 lbs (18 kg), and weighs 1.4 lbs (600 g).

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Gitzo GM3550 User Reviews

You get what you pay for
“Leg sections are designed such that they do not rotate, which makes operating the friction locks very easy – the next section up does not have to be locked in order to operate a smaller section. Fully extended this monopod is very tall which can help if you’re forced to reach down hill or cliff to find firm footing. Carbon fiber sections are extremely rigid. Yes it’s expensive, but if you need a very portable, very rigid, very tall support there aren’t many better alternatives.” – By Wandering Brit
Rating: ★★★★☆

Do You Need This Monopod?
“6X Carbon Fiber: Not all carbon fibers are equal in quality. The 6X carbon fiber by Gitzo is made of unique 6 crossed layers for greater rigidity, lightness, and tolerance for vibration and shock. G-Lock and Anti-Rotation Leg System: By making the locking ring longer, the two tubes allow greater rigidity and prevent the monopod from bending. Along with this, the cone-shaped ring is designed to provide a stronger grip as vertical force is applied – the greater the gravity, the stronger its grip and the overall rigidity of the leg – hence it’s impressive 36.9 lbs load tolerance. The innovative thread concept (ARL), on the other hand, allows a mere 25% of the time that takes the traditional twist mechanism to lock/unlock the rings. In its folded position, I can simultaneously lock/unlock all four rings with a simple quarter of an inch twist…” – By S. So “SYS”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Perfect Design and Function
“This was a natural addition to my GT3530 tripod and I was not disappointed. The CF is light and strong as steel, my Markins M20 fits fine atop the pod, and everything locks in place for a stable monopod solution. Does what it is supposed to do and does it beautifully. “ – By Mary N. Bucklew “HeartSleeve”
Rating: ★★★★★

Expert Reviews

Gitzo GM3550 Expert Reviews

The-digital-picture reviews the Gitzo GM3550 and writes;
“extending the narrowest (bottom) leg section to get this height results in more wiggle at the bottom leg lock than I prefer. With this section closed and locked, this is a very solid monopod. It handles the Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens and the Canon EF 600mm f/4 L IS USM Lens with ease. The Gitzo GM3550 6x Carbon Fiber Monopod is rated to hold 36.9 lbs (18 kg) – significantly more than the larger-diameter Gitzo G1588 was rated…”
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Gitzo GM3550 User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Gitzo GM3550 Features & Specifications

The Gitzo GM-3550 Mountaineer 6X Carbon Fiber Monopod is 5 leg-section model that weighs less than 1.5 lbs, but can still support systems up to an impressive 39.6 lbs. This monopod also incorporates Gitzo’s revolutionary 6X technology tube, which reduces overall monopods weight up to 25% without sacrificing strength or stability.

The G-Lock mechanism has been completely redesigned in order to achieve a 20% increase in rigidity, faster operation and stronger, safer locking. G-Lock’s special design also provides a “gravity lock” effect: the higher the load applied vertically to the leg, the stronger the lock.

1mm Gitzo 6X Carbon Fiber Tube
Gitzo was able to develop a six-crossed multilayer carbon fiber 30% lighter than the previous 1.5mm generation that features the same exceptional performance of stability and vibration absorption and unbeatable quality.

Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) System
The Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) system makes it quick and easy to open and close the monopod. Simply turn all of the locking rings at once and the whole leg can be pulled out in seconds.

Includes a wrist strap, foam cover on the top leg section.

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