Gitzo GK2580TQR

Gitzo GK2580TQR uses advanced “Carbon 6X” carbon fiber material for its leg construction and ideal for use with for SLR cameras and 200mm telephoto lenses, mini DV or compact HD video cameras, and many binoculars or spotting scopes. The tripod features groud level set, G-lock, rapid column, reversible column, hook, leg ends, Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) System. The Gitzo GK2580TQR has maximum height of 60.63 in, maximum height (with cent tre column down) 51.18 in, minimum height 12.6 in, and weighs 3.79 lbs.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Gitzo GK2580TQR User Reviews

Best of both worlds
“The carbon gives you strength and it is VERY light. As an added bonus it absorbs vibration better. I quickly decided that the carbon was the best bet. The Gitzo carbon system 6X is actually a layering system where the grain of the carbon is mismatched every layer. This is done because carbon is weakest along its grain. By altering it they added rigidity that can be felt. Seriously I could feel the difference.. The goal of the tripod is to hold your camera steady BUT give you easy access to point it. This is where all others failed. …” – By T. Schultz
Rating: ★★★★★

Sturdy support
“The tripod is very solid for a lightweight travel unit. You’re stuck with the kit ballhead, however. It has a permanent and unique stem that screws into a threaded recess in the top of the tripod. It’s not possible to attach an alternate head, without a lot of workaround. “ – By T. Schultz
Rating: ★★★★☆

Brings a tear to your eye a couple of ways
“Early images look great, and the unit feels very stable. I really like the feel of the leg tighteners and gripping and releasing all three at once is nice. The ball head is very functional except for panning, which only seems possible if you remove the center post and pan on the lip of the head itself. Strange, but functional. Otherwise the unit snugs up well and I like the quick release plate so well I machined a matching recess for the nub in my lens sleeve. “ – By Craig Guinn
Rating: ★★★★☆

Expert Reviews

Gitzo GK2580TQR Expert Reviews

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Gitzo GK2580TQR User Manual

– Download Gitzo GK2580TQR User Manual (PDF – 162kb)

Features & Specifications

Gitzo GK2580TQR Features & Specifications

The Gitzo GK2580TQR Series 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod is a complete solution for discriminating users who want exacting placement, premium operational refinement, and very low weight to carry. It is ideal for use with a modern SLR and a lens of up to 200mm in any conditions, and usually even provides sharp images with lenses as long as 300mm.

This tripod’s enormous expansion/contraction ratio is ideally suited for travel, where compact dimensions become of paramount importance. Additionally the fit and finish are what you should expect from the industry’s top brand. Gitzo means for your tripod to deliver decades of service, and offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

The Series 2 Traveler leg set is a Gitzo 1 6x carbon fiber model, made from their superior, ultra-thin carbon fiber strands. Beyond the weight savings we’re all after, carbon fiber has a tendency to ‘eat’ vibrations rather than transmitting them, much like a wooden tripod would. The top of the Traveler series is designed to allow the leg segments to fold 180°, towards the direction that’s away from the ground when the tripod is in use. This allows the normal crown section of a tripod to be within the collapsed leg segments’ space, affording this tripod its impressive 16.9″ folded length.

The GH2781TQR Ballhead borrows from Gitzo’s most modern collection of center ballheads, with some concessions for travel. It has a simplified locking lever, but still retains a PTFE-treated sphere and the “Spring Assisted Double Lock” with its great ability to stay where you put it once locked. The GH2781TQR has a quick release system specific to Gitzo, with a bubble level right at the base of the plate.

Altogether, this Gitzo Traveler package kit folds to <17″, expands to 5’0.5″, and weighs but 3.8 lbs.

• Gitzo’s Traveler Series 2 carbon fiber tripod, delivered with a dedicated Gitzo ballhead with quick release

• Unique leg design allowing an expansion ratio that’s unheard of in a truly rigid tripod

• Extremely-refined PTFE-coated ball sphere, with positive locking action

• Legs assembled from Gitzo-specific “6x” ultra-strong and super-thin (0.007mm) carbon fiber strands

• Maximum upper leg segment diameter of 28mm; appropriate for SLR cameras and 200mm telephoto lenses, mini DV or compact HD video cameras, and many binoculars or spotting scopes

• Gitzo’s “ALR” Anti Leg Rotation design prohibits segments from rotating; they can only move directly up or down

• Gitzo’s “G-Lock” is the industry’s strongest locking mechanism

• Gitzo “Power Disc” top plate with anti-twist safety screws to affix head/lens collar to disc and disc to monopod stem

• Can be configured to the Arca-Swiss standard via Gitzo’s optional GS5160CDT adapter

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