Gitzo GK1581OT

Gitzo GK1581OT uses advanced “Carbon 6X” carbon fiber material for its leg construction and ideal for use with compact digital cameras and DSLRs, or even for lightweight camcorders. The tripod offers an unbeatable combination of sturdiness while being extra lightweight, and being able to be used in the harshest of environments – even salt water – making this the ultimate travel companion for serious photographers features Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) System, Ground-Level Set, 1mm Gitzo 6X Carbon Fiber Tube, ocean-lock, Removable Leg Tips and rapid column. The Gitzo GK1581OT has maximum height of 58.66 in, maximum height (with cent tre column down) 48.43 in, minimum height 9.06 in, and weighs 3.09 lbs.

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Features & Specifications

Gitzo GK1581OT Features & Specifications

The Gitzo GK1581OT Ocean Traveler Tripod is a major undertaking in the world of tripods and a true watershed achievement for the breed. Starting as a ‘normal’ Gitzo Traveler, the 1581 Ocean adds a new locking mechanism which is actually designed to be in and around salt water, dust, mud, etc. Completing the special package is a ballhead that’s made from stainless steel which is so highly refined that it requires no paint or spray or the like-much like a surgical instrument. It would be fair to say that the Ocean Traveler can endure more of the elements than almost any camera you could mount upon it.

As a Traveler, this tripod’s enormous expansion/contraction ratio makes it the ideal choice for times when a tripod’s compacted dimensions become of paramount importance. The top of the Traveler is designed to allow the leg segments to fold 180°, towards the direction that’s away from the ground when the tripod is in use. This allows the normal crown section of a tripod to be within the collapsed leg segments’ space, affording the Ocean Traveler its impressive 17.1″ folded length. You could fit in inside of many briefcases.

Beyond the stainless steel ballhead, all of the metal fittings on this tripod are also stainless steel, with the uppermost leg segments designed to allow water to drain out of them when the tripod’s collapsed. This is a Gitzo 6x carbon fiber model, made from their own superior and ultra-thin carbon fiber strands. Beyond the weight savings we’re all after, carbon fiber has a tendency to ‘eat’ vibrations rather than transmitting them, much like a wooden tripod would.

• The world’s first tripod with stainless steel fittings

• Delivered with a stainless steel ballhead, made to resist any corrosion

• Unique leg design allowing an expansion ratio that’s unheard of in a truly rigid tripod

• Legs assembled from Gitzo-specific “6x” ultra-strong and super-thin (0.007mm) carbon fiber strands

• Maximum upper leg segment diameter of 24mm; appropriate for SLR cameras and 135mm telephoto lenses

• Gitzo’s “ALR” Anti Leg Rotation design prohibits segments from rotating; they can only move directly up or down

• Gitzo’s “Ocean Lock” is an industry first-a lock mechanism that’s easily disassembled/cleaned and meant for use in an around salt water, mud, etc.

• Collapses to just 17.1″

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