Gitzo’s Mountaineer Reporter Carbon Fiber Tripod

Joe Farace has published his review on Gitzo’s Mountaineer Reporter Carbon Fiber Tripod in the Professional Photographer Magazine February 2006 Bonus Content


“Unlike previous Gitzo heads I’ve used, this one features ergonomically designed pan and tilt handles with triangular shaped rubber grips. The handles can be positioned on either the right or the left hand side of the head for southpaws. When shooting vertical images, the G2270M’s mounting plate spots anti-rotation pins that ensure the camera remains stable. The pins are stored in pre-drilled holes under the head when not in use. A large hexagonal locking screw makes it relatively easy to attach and remove equipment. If you need a QR, the $249.95 G2272M model has a quick-release locking system for just $10 more. The 6X Mountaineer Reporter is the best tripod I’ve used in a long, long time. Is it really 6X better? Yes, it is.”

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