Giottos VGR8255-SC

Giottos VGR8255-SC is a Carbon Fiber Tripod with Quick Release Ball Head for DSLR camera. The tripod features 5-Section reverse-structure 6-layer 100% high-density carbon fiber tripod/monopod with quick release ball head with Extremely small folded length and SDL secure, dust-proof twist leg locks include One leg becomes a monopod when used with the center column completed with Three leg angles. The Giottos VGR8255-SC has maximum height of 62.6″, maximum height (with center column down) 54.5″, minimum height 15.9″, Folded Length 15.6″, and weighs 3 lbs.

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Features & Specifications

Giottos VGR8255-SC Features & Specifications

VGR8255-SC 5-Section Carbon Fiber Tripods are reverse structure tripods designed according to the Golden Ration shown in Da Vinci’s famous picture of the Vitruvian Man. These tripods are strong because they are made from an carbon alloy with high molecular density using Forging Technology.

Standard Tripod with an Extremely Small Folded Length! One leg becomes a Monopod when attached to the Center Column. 3 Leg Positions & the legs fold 180 degrees to protect the Center Column & Quick Release Ballhead. Rubber Feet with Metal Spike & a Retractable Hook.

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