Giottos MT9371

Giottos MT9371 is 3-Section aluminum Series III Professional tripod with SDL secure, dust-proof twist leg locks for nature and macro photography. The tripod features Rubber foot with spike inside, to assure firm contact on wet soil, gravel, or rocky areas with Thicker 32mm leg diameter for added stability completed with retractable hook that can be used to add stability with a sand bag or equipment bag. The Giottos MT9371 has maximum height of 68.9″ (175 cm), minimum height 26.4″ (67 cm), Folded Length 29.5″ (75 cm), and weighs 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Giottos MT9371 User Reviews

awesome tripod
“this tripod is great and lighter than i thought it would be. It works very well in all positions. It can get very low to the ground and since the center column comes out it gives more range of pics for macro or any other pics. very sturdy and easy to use” – By Jeff P.
Rating: ★★★★☆

Very solid tripod
“I needed a solid tripod for the studio. I bought this tripod because of it high weight capacity and hight.I have also own the Gitzo Explorer that has the off center fully adjustable mast. This feature kind of spoiled me with it’s versatility. So when looking for another tripod I really wanted the off center mast feature. The Giottos center mast is different than the Gitzo but works very well. The tripod is very solid an very well made. Although this is not the smallest or lightest tripod out there, it would work well for traveling. It was really nice that Giottos includes the tool kit and padded carrying bag.” – By malerba photography
Rating: ★★★★★

Awesome engineering, tremendous value
“The Giottos 9371 has to be the best value on the planet for this size and weight tripod. The engineering is simply awesome! They’ve paid attention to the smallest details and its flexibility is unparalleled at any price. Even the carrying bag is awesome (sturdy, well padded, internal zipper pocket, etc.). Before buying, I compared to two “major” brands and decided that I couldn’t come close to the same quality and value for even twice the price. If you want a sturdy, infinitely flexible, pro-model tripod (albeit a fairly heavy one), you simply can’t go wrong with this! A perfect match for my Markins M10 ballhead & Nikon D200 w/ any size lens.” – By Al the Biker
Rating: ★★★★★

I like this product, easy to use
“I use this tripod for Photography, I also purchased the the 3 way head, with the easy camera release. Love them both. Like the fact that you can use it in very unique positions. Great for Macro photography too. Love to use it for shooting sporting events. Very smooth!” – By Lin
Rating: ★★★★☆

Solid as a rock, but correspondingly heavy
“The main thing I love about this tripod is that the center vertical pole onto which the camera connects can be removed, the mount rotated, and the pole reinserted so it is horizontal or at some other angle. This is great if you want to do any kind of copy work or for many macro-photography uses.. I chose a Giottos MH-5001 3-way pan head to go with my tripod and I’m very pleased with it as well. Together they make a great combination.” – By Valerie J. Kramer
Rating: ★★★★★

Great for those 6’+
“I needed something that I could use standing upright and this fit the bill. Being 6′ 2”, most tripods made me stoop down to see through the lens. This makes it much easier, esp. for those landscape pictures. But, it lets you get down low too. I also like that I can set the main support horizontal to the ground to get out over a subject, like flowers, etc. It is not as lightweight as a carbon fiber tripod, but it is a lot less expensive ! Not too heavy though. Easy to open up and collapse. Holds well and can quickly tighten/loosen as desired. “ – By The Dragon
Rating: ★★★★★

Thoroughly Impressed
“I just recieved this tripod and Wow! I am thoroughly impressed with this unit. It has all the capabilities that I was looking for to get low to the ground as well as horizontal. Although a heavy unit I am still impressed. I believe that if I were doing backpacking or a lot of hiking this tripod would not be very good as it is a bit heavy but for any other use I think this is a very well built and designed unit.” – By Sean Hill
Rating: ★★★★★

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Giottos MT9371 Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Giottos MT9371 Features & Specifications

The Giottos MT-9371 Aluminum Tripod Legs, as part of the professional-level MT III series, has a unique center column design, is versatile and easy to use, but yet still economical.

The unique swiveling center column mounting design allows it to be used as a lateral arm with angle adjustment, which is especially useful for nature and macro photography. The column can also be used upside down and reversed. It allows for 360° horizontal and 180° vertical adjustment, and the column can be positioned and set quickly by using the locking knobs.

In addition, the top part of the center column separates from the main column. By slipping this short camera platform into the swiveling center column mount, you now effectively have a universal 3-way head. This set-up also allows the tripod to be used for very low down-to-the-ground shots.

Spiked Feet
Rubber foot with spike inside, to assure firm contact on wet soil, gravel, or rocky areas

Includes Tool Kit
The toolbox includes different sizes of allen wrenches, hex wrench, screw driver and extended tube for leverage

Durable Leg Locks
Features special design for secure and easy sand-proof leg locking system

Leg Diameter
Thicker 32mm leg diameter for added stability

Retractable Hook
The retractable hook can be used to add stability with a sand bag or equipment bag

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