Giottos MT9240

Giottos MT9240 is a 2-section table-top aluminum Series II tripod with twist leg locks for SLR camera. The tripod features Safety lock of center column with 3 positions & dual camera screws Includes bubble level for horizontal control, Sand-proof lock system, Anti-twist tube system, Shoulder Strap, Deluxe Tripod bag, and has Anti-twist screws for extra security. The Giottos MT9240 has maximum height of 24″ (61cm), minimum height 13″ (33cm), Folded Length 14.2″ (36cm), and weighs 1.8 lb (0.8kg).

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Features & Specifications

Giottos MT9240 Features & Specifications

The MT Series Tripods have a unique style and are highly versatile. MT professional classic tripod series made from classic aluminum by a precision manufacturing process, elaborately assembled by hand to ensure maximum stability and security.

The center column can be reversed to position the camera upside down. It includes non-slip foam rubber sleeves, non-slip shoulder strap, carrying bag, and bubble level and compass. All MT Series Tripods have quick releases for individual leg spread at different angles.

* Safety lock of center column: Center column can not be taken out or in while the concave point of center column and its bottom wheel ring are set different points to prevent accidental pull out of the column.
* Pull out the center column: Center column can be taken out or put in only while the concave point of centre column and its bottom wheel ring is at the same point, but not when set at other points.
* 3 positions & dual camera screws: Pull the quick release lock to change leg spread angles allows setting each leg at different positions. With dual camera screws for 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads
* Ideal for Bird Watching: When using the MH 50 series heads and a tele-scope. The two handles can be joined together to operate with one hand. (optional set screw knob needed)
* Center column can be reversed to use camera upside down for copying or macro shots.
* Bubble level: Includes bubble level for horizontal control
* Convenient tools: Shoulder strap and tool bag hanging on the tripod easily for convenient using
* Sand-proof lock system: With secure, easy leg locking system and special design for sand-proof operation.
* Anti-twist tube system: With anti-twist mechanism design to easily and quickly release / lock the legs.
* Shoulder Strap: Adjustable shoulder strap with anti-slip pad, designed to carry professional tripods, it’s practical and stylish
* Deluxe Tripod bag: Durable tripod bag designed to carry all sizes of the MT series tripods (with head). It is made of durable polyamide nylon with PVC coating. Inner bag shoulder strap of tripod.
* Anti-twist screws for extra security: Tighten the anti-twist screws under the top plate for more security for the tripod head.
* Short Column option when operating in the lowest position

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