Giottos MT8270

Giottos MT8270 is 4-Section carbon fiber tripod Series II with twist lock legs that ideal for nature and micro photography.The Giottos MT8270 has maximum height of 66.9″ (170 cm), maximum height (with center column down) 60.6″ (154 cm), minimum height 8.7″ (22 cm), Folded length 23.2″ (59 cm), and weighs 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg).

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Features & Specifications

Giottos MT8270 Features & Specifications

The Giottos MT-8270 Classic Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs is a very versatile but yet still economical tripod. The unique center column can be used as a lateral arm with angle adjustment, which makes it especially ideal for nature and micro photography. The column can also be used upside down and reversed. It allows for 360° horizontal and 180° vertical adjustment, and the column can be positioned and set quickly with the locking knobs.

The leg materials are made of French-made high-strength carbon fiber tubing commonly used in aerospace engineering, and yield exceptional stability for its weight. Carbon fiber materials are very shock and vibration absorbent, but still relatively lightweight. The carbon fiber used for these legs is made from twelve layers, and the spiral grain is visible on the surface, giving it its high-tech look.

Includes Tool Kit
The toolbox includes required allen wrenches or hex wrench

Leg Diameter
32mm leg diameter for added stability

Neoprene Leg Grips
The top sections of the legs come protected with neoprene non-slip foam covers, for better handling in extreme weather conditions

Retractable Hook
The retractable hook can be used to add stability with a sand bag or equipment bag

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