Giottos MT-8361

Giottos MT-8361 is a Carbon Fiber Tripod for DSLR camera. The tripod features Rubber foot with spike inside, to assure firm contact on wet soil, gravel, or rocky areas Includes Tool Kit 28mm leg diameter for added stability, Top sections of legs come protected with neoprene non-slip foam covers, for better handling in extreme weather conditions and retractable hook can be used to add stability with a sand bag or equipment bag. The Giottos MT-8361 has maximum height of 64.5″ (152 cm), maximum height (with center column down) 58″ (147 cm), minimum height 10.2″ (26 cm), Folded Length 26.8″ (68 cm), and weighs 3.9 lb (1.77 kg).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Giottos MT-8361 User Reviews

Wonderful & Innovative
“This tripod is solid as a rock, and it also comes with a wonderful padded carrying bag and toolkit, as well as an additional padded carrying strap, that most of the other manufacturers don’t even add-in with theirs. Why would anyone spend more money to buy less tripod with less extras? I decided to spend less money on more tripod that had more extras, and I am absolutely happy that I did.” – By John Koerner
Rating: ★★★★★

Love it
“This is a light tripod but, since it is carbon fiber, very sturdy. My first use was on the 30th floor of a hotel overlooking the Gateway Arch shooting a night shot. Worked great. Easy to set up and steady in the wind. I love the fact the the center post can be configured in an a seeming infinite number of ways. It can be removed, tilted to shoot straight down at 90 degrees to tripod or use and of the angles from 0 to 90 degrees. It can be removed and stuck in from the bottom to shoot from under the tripod (not sure why you would want to do this but you can) through the legs.” – By harley08
Rating: ★★★★★

Best of its Kind
“The carbon fiber legs are smooth and exceptionally well-made. Though it’s not advertised as such, the legs do not rotate, which makes adjusting the leg locks and leg length significantly easier. The locks themselves are strong and operate smoothly. The ‘body’ of the tripod, where the legs connect, is precision machined and very solid.” – By Pastor Hal
Rating: ★★★★★

Great looking, lightweight but strong
“It is very comfortable to carry around and only weighs 2.3Kg or 5.06# lbs! It’ll support 8 Kg or 17.6 # lbs. Wow! The CF sections just look high tech! The rubber grips add comfort. The option to open it up either low/medium/high is great as is the removable center post which can be jacked up high, mounted sideways, and upside down! Highly recommend this tripod. Once you try CF, you’ll never go back to your old heavy metal tripods.” – By Brian the Pilot
Rating: ★★★★★

terrific, solid tripod & multiple angles
“I bought this with a Giotto ballhead to handle my Canon 20D with a Canon 70-200 IS L zoom and 1.4 tele-extender. It handles the weight and the balance just great and is a nice, tall tripod so I never have to raise the center column. (I am just under 6′ and never have it to the full height.) It has special adjustments so you can aim a camera just about any way you could ever think of, too. Very sturdy carbon fiber and pretty light. It also came with a free monopod that comes in very handy when hiking where you don’t want to carry much gear. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase and BH’s good service.” – By upstate photo guy
Rating: ★★★★★

Great product
“Light weight, very versatile, feels luxurious, components are solid and together with the Manfrotto ball head 468MG its a blast, I have already taken impressive pictures at night and they have all come out great.” – By Dr.Lobo
Rating: ★★★★★

“The center column design is unique. You can position it at ANY angle, ANY direction, even down. Solid support, well built, easy to use. The height is perfect for 5’11” without the center column raised. Did not try it in strong winds yet (like I did with its aluminum brother – who took the beating without complaints), but I expect it to perform very well. Superb value for the money.” – By ovimo
Rating: ★★★★★

Versatile Tripod
“Must have tripod for any outdoor field photographer. Extremely solid construction, lightweight tripod. Looked at Gitzo and Manfrotto, Giottos tripod is not a copy or cheap knock off of the later mentioned but a precision piece of equipment that can stand on it’s own against the competition. On a feature for feature basis there is nothing better for the money. I’m sure Giottos will come to the forefront among tripod manufactures as both the hobbits and professional discover their quality tripods. “ – By N. Estigoy
Rating: ★★★★★

“This is a great product for the money. It is a lot better priced than a manfrotto or a gitzo tripod. The legs are very sturdy and the locking mechanism is very well made. they are sealed with o-rings to prevent dirt from getting in. I would highly recommend this tripod to anyone who wants a quality brand name tripod with out a sky high price.” – By Bradley W. Frantz
Rating: ★★★★★

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Giottos MT-8361 Expert Reviews

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Features & Specifications

Giottos MT-8361 Features & Specifications

The Giottos MT-8361 Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs is a very versatile but yet still economical tripod. The unique center column can be used as a lateral arm with angle adjustment, which makes it especially ideal for nature and micro photography. It allows for 360° horizontal and 180° vertical adjustment, and the column can be positioned and set quickly with the locking knobs. The column can also be used upside down and reversed.

The leg materials are made of French-made high-strength carbon fiber tubing commonly used in aerospace engineering, and yield exceptional stability for its weight. Carbon fiber materials are very shock and vibration absorbent, but still relatively lightweight. The carbon fiber used for these legs is made from twelve layers, and the spiral grain is visible on the surface, giving it its high-tech look.

Spiked Feet
Rubber foot with spike inside, to assure firm contact on wet soil, gravel, or rocky areas

Includes Tool Kit
The toolbox includes required allen wrenches or hex wrench

Leg Diameter
28mm leg diameter for added stability

Neoprene Leg Grips
Top sections of legs come protected with neoprene non-slip foam covers, for better handling in extreme weather conditions

Retractable Hook
The retractable hook can be used to add stability with a sand bag or equipment bag

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