GIMP Vs Photoshop

Grimthing has an article comparing GIMP, a free open source image editor program to the famous Adobe Photoshop. And the winner is….


“The winner for commercial printing – Photoshop. The winner for home use – The Gimp. Bet you saw that coming, didn’t you. The truth is, they’re both winners when they’re used in the proper context. The Gimp just doesn’t have support in the areas that are necessary to make it useful in a commercial application. However, you cannot justify the price of Photoshop for personal use when the Gimp will do everything it can do outside of commercial printing. I know I’ve beat the horse to death, but unless you want to pirate software, there is no reason to use Photoshop if you’re not producing a print publication – use the Gimp.”

>> GIMP Vs. Adobe Photoshop

4 Responses to “GIMP Vs Photoshop”

  1. Josh says:

    GIMP SUCKS!!! I HATE IT! I love photoshop, i run photoshop in my Linux!! lol!

  2. Jaide says:

    You get what you pay for.

  3. Matt says:

    I think the GIMP is great. I have used both photoshop and GIMP. They both have the same functionality. And I really can’t tell the differance between them. And I’ve never printed anything for publication but I do web design using the gimp and photo editing aswell. It’s just as lagit as photoshop.

  4. ck22 says:

    photoshop is only shitware! not more!


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