General Imaging Launches Six New GE Cameras

LAS VEGAS, January 9, 2012. General Imaging has launched six new digital cameras at CES. The new cameras offers consumers CMOS technology, new bridge cameras and 1080p HD video recording. The cameras are GE X600 ($199.99) with 14.4-megapixel images sensor including 25x optical zoom and Full HD movie recording capabilities, GE X550 ($149.99) with 16-megapixel images sensor including a 15x zoom lens, optical image stabilisation and an electronic viewfinder. The GE G100 ($179.99) has 14-megapixel images sensor with a 28-420mm equivalent lens, optical image stabilisation and Full HD video recording, GE E1410SW ($159.99) offers 14 megapixels, 10X optical zoom, and Full HD movie recording, while the GE C1440 ($69.99) and GE J1458W ($79.99) has 14.1-megapixel images sensor with 4x optical zoom and 5x zoom.


Paul Meyhoefer as the vice president of marketing and product planning, GIC said “The GE brand of digital cameras receives high marks from consumers and tech enthusiasts alike, and our new line promises to uphold these high standards, as consumers continue to demand more for their money, we continue to offer the latest digital camera technology at an unmatched value.”

The GE X600 camera offers an impressive 25X zoom with a 14.4 CMOS megapixels and full 1080p HD movie recording capabilities that make it ideal camera for the more serious photographer. The camera provides a 26mm Wide Angle lens and continuous high-speed shooting, capturing 10fps in full resolution that powered by advanced Aptina A-Pix CMOS pixel technology. In addition, the GE X600 has a highly popular electronic view finder and a large 2.7-inch LCD.

The GE X550 camera has a 16 megapixels images sensor with a powerful 15X zoom and 27mm Wide Angle lens including an Electronic View Finder for improved accuracy and Optical Image Stabilization. It also able to tracking the object and automatically focus on moving objects.

The GE G100 has a 28mm Wide Angle lens with 15X optical zoom and 14 megapixels images sensor. It also offers an Aptina A-Pix CMOS pixel technology which allows capture images with high speed of 10fps and advanced high-performance 1080p HD video recording. Another interesting features such as 30 different shooting modes, 3-inch high-resolution LCD, Optical Image Stabilization, and ISO sensitivity of 3200, including Multi-Exposure, Object Tracking and improved HDR+.

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