Fujifilm launches FinePix Z110

January 5, 2012. Fujifilm has launched the new FinePix Z110 compact camera for update the FinePix Z90 camera. The FinePix Z110 has a 14.1 mega-pixel CCD sensor with a 5x Fujinon Optical zoom and a host of innovative functions on board. The camera also allows users to record 720p HD movie with a dedicated movie record button and offers more features such as Framing Assist Mirror, Face Retouch functions, Night Out mode, Motion Panorama mode, and Digital Image Stabilization. Not only that, the camera also has sensitivity of ISO 100 – 3200 and has a 2.7-inch LCD screen to compose and review images in detail. For more information please go to the Fujifilm website.


With a 14.1 mega-pixel CCD sensor and 5x Fujinon optical zoom, the Fujifilm FinePix Z110 allows users to capture each important moment with stunning images result. The camera also has a Frame Assist Mirror which placed next to the FinePix Z110’s lens, it help you to shooting a self-portrait or group shot. There is a Face Detection on the camera to ensure all images captured sharp and perfectly including a FinePix Face Retouching functions to improve the images subject such as Smoothing, Brighten and Enlarge eyes.

The Fujifilm FinePix Z110 camera also offers a Night Out mode which allows users to capture images in the dark situation like dinner or party with clear, sharp, and detail images result. This mode is supported by Intelligent Flash technology which delivers the correct amount of illumination and with a maximum sensitivity of ISO 3200. Additionally, the camera has Digital Image Stabilization built-in that effectively reduce the effect of camera shake or subject movement and ensure users get the best results.

The camera allows users to capture still image with Motion Panorama mode and 720p HD movie for record all best moment. It also has large 2.7-inch LCD screen which allows users to compose and review images in detail. In addition, the Fujifilm FinePix Z110 offers SR Auto mode to optimize the resulting images by automatically assesses a scene and applies different settings on the camera.

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