Fujifilm Finepix Z20fd

The 10 Megapixel FinePix Z20fdcomes in five striking colours – Black, Green, Pink, Blue and Red – features an ultra-slim design, a Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens, 2.5″ LCD screen, and is packed with innovative new features- creating and sharing videos and images has never been so easy. A generous 45MB of internal memory gives you some extra room when your memory card is full.

Face Detection Technology with automatic red-eye removal The Z20fd makes perfect portraits simple with Fujifilm’s Face Detection Technology, designed to optimise focus, white balance and exposure for up to 10 faces in a single frame. A green square surrounds the face of the primary subject on the camera’s LCD screen, whilst white squares identify up to nine other subjects. Movement tracking keeps the camera ‘locked on’ to its subjects until they move out of the picture. The technology works irrespective of the subject’s position in the frame, and is not confused by spectacles. After the shot is taken, each detected face is instantly checked for red-eye; if found, it is corrected automatically, saving the time consuming process of fixing it later. Fujifilm’s IrSimpleTM technology allows for fast, easy wireless image transfer to any IrSimpleTM equipped device.

Sharing made simple There’s no fun in taking pictures if you can’t share them, and the FinePix Z20fd makes it easier than ever with fast, easy wireless transfer of images between cameras using IrSimple™. For users wanting to share their creative output with a wider audience, the FinePix Z20fd’s new Dual Blog mode automatically resizes any still image or movie you’ve captured, letting you post pictures and videos to blogs, video-sharing websites like YouTube, or e-mail to friends with ease. The FinePix Z20fd’s impressive new full motion MPEG-4 video mode makes capturing and sharing internet-friendly video clips easier than ever. Using the Successive Movie mode, in-camera editing allows for the creation of a 60 second movie clip, even when shooting in two or more scenes is desired. Start and restart multiple times to build a 60-second compilation, and edit the start and end points.

Fujifilm’s Picture Stabilisation Technology uses higher sensitivities and faster shutter speeds to reduce image blur caused by camera shake or low-light conditions, ensuring users get the picture they want.

FinePix Z20fd features at a glance:

* 10 Megapixels
* 2.5-inch LCD screen
* 3x Fujinon zoom lens
* Stylish ultra compact design
* Face Detection Technology with intelligent automatic red-eye removal
* Dual shutter releases: One button for still capture, one for movie record, for ease of use
* Intelligent Flash: i-Flash detects subtle lighting differences within a scene, and then varies the flash intensity accordingly. It also uses the high sensitivity of the FinePixZ20fd to enable the camera to use less flash, preventing that “blasted with light” effect that so many digital camera flashes leave you with
* Dual Shot Mode: In this mode, the FinePix Z20fd quickly shoots two images in succession — one with and one without the flash — saving both. This convenient function lets the user perform an on-the-spot picture comparison and decide whether the FinePix Z20fd produced the best shot with or without flash
* Special scene modes: The FinePix Z20fdhas 14 scene positions including Fireworks, Beach and Snow, offering a one-touch setting for almost any situation
* xD/SD/SDHC compatible slot: A single media slot that accepts both xD Picture card and SD/SDHC media cards
* Stamp It: Add a little fun to your images by “stamping” a variety of fun designs to up to three detected faces in your shots!
* Battery Life: Long-life rechargeable Li-ion battery

Real Photo Technology Even the novice photographer will be ensured of bright, sharp colourful pictures from the FinePix Z20fd thanks to Fujifilm’s unique Real Photo Technology (RPT). The guiding principles behind RPT are simple; to set the highest possible standards for overall image quality, to expand digital photography opportunities and to give users fewer wasted shots.

With the human eye as the ideal, Real Photo Technology cameras are designed from the ground up to capture ‘real’ photographs with stunning quality – giving users the power to capture the moment exactly as the eye sees it, no matter how challenging the shooting conditions. Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm’s Director of Digital Products, said: “The FinePix Z10fd’s unique combination of style, colour and advanced features proved hugely popular, and the new FinePix Z20fd builds on this successful formula, bringing advanced movie capture and sharing capabilities with huge appeal for the ‘Generation Z’ buyer.”

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