Fujifilm FinePix Z100fd

Feature-packed Of course style is nothing without substance, and the FinePix Z100fd’s body may be slender, but it is packed with powerful features and advanced technologies designed to make getting perfect pictures shot after shot – easier than ever. The FinePix Z100fd boasts an impressive 5x optical zoom lens covering a useful wide angle to telephoto range equivalent to 35-177mm on a 35mm camera. To avoid the problems of camera shake at longer focal length this is also the first Z series model to feature CCD-shift image stabilization . To further reduce the chance of blur spoiling shots in low light the FinePix Z100fd also features sensitivity settings up to ISO 1600, allowing natural images that retain the atmosphere of evening events to be taken without the use of flash.

For users who prefer to use flash the FinePix Z100fd boasts Fujifilm’s Intelligent Flash system, which sets the power output to achieve natural foreground illumination with balanced background exposure. Intelligent Flash results in visibly more pleasing, natural looking photos, avoiding the harsh lighting effect that can occur with traditional in-camera flash. For times when a decision about lighting could mean a missed photo opportunity, the FinePix Z100fd’s Natural Light plus Flash mode takes two photos in quick succession, one with flash and one without. Both photos are then displayed side by side for quick comparison so users won’t miss the moment fiddling about with flash settings.

Face Detection The FinePix Z100fd makes perfect portraits simple with Fujifilm’s Face Detection technology. Face Detection works by triangulating eyes and mouth, using an algorithm to optimize focus, white balance and exposure for up to ten faces in a single frame. A green square surrounds the face of the primary subject on the camera’s LCD screen, whilst white squares identify up to nine other subjects. Movement tracking keeps the camera ‘locked on’ to its subjects until they move out of the picture. The technology works irrespective of the subject’s position in the frame, and is not confused by spectacles.

Say goodbye to red eye for good The FinePix Z100fd is among the first of Fujifilm’s compact digital cameras to offer automatic red eye removal, advancing the company’s acclaimed Face Detection system one step further. The FinePix Z100fd uses the system to find and instantly correct any red eye from every face in the frame. The FinePix Z100fd’s red eye removal system is not confused by lips or red colored jewelery, as some other systems can be, as it works in tandem with Fujifilm’s Face Detection system to identify eyes and nothing else. Letting the camera do this retouching is so much quicker and easier than struggling at home with a paintbrush on a PC!

Real Photo Technology Driving the FinePix Z100fd is Fujifilm’s unique Real Photo Technology (RPT). The guiding principles behind RPT are simple; to set the highest possible standards for overall image quality, to expand digital photography opportunities and to give users fewer wasted shots.With the human eye as the ideal, Real Photo Technology cameras are designed from the ground up to capture real photographs with stunning quality – giving users the power to capture the moment exactly as the eye sees it, no matter how challenging the shooting conditions. Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm’s Director of Photo Products, said: “The FinePix Z100fd is the perfect social camera for the user looking for a combination of classic styling and cutting edge features. We believe that consumers wanting a super-slim camera shouldn’t have to make compromises on image quality or features, and with the Z100fd they don’t.

FinePix Z100fd features at a glance

* Ultra slim (19.8mm thick) styling with two-tone all metal body
* 5x optical zoom lens (35-177mm equivalent)
* CCD-shift image stabilization
* Face Detection Technology and automatic intelligent red-eye removal
* 54MB internal memory plus xD-Picture card, SD and SDHC compatibility
* ISO 100-1600 sensitivity at full resolution
* Wide view 2.7-inch high resolution screen

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