Fujifilm FinePix S9500 Zoom – Review by Gordon Laing

CameraLabs’ Gordon Laing has just posted his review on Fujifilm FinePix S9500 Zoom/FinePix S9000 Zoom, a 9 Megapixels with a long 10.7 optical zoom and 1.8″ LCD screen

FinePix 9500 Zoom

“Starting with resolution, the S9500’s sensor and lens combination certainly out-resolved the current crop of budget 6 and 8 megapixel digital SLRs in our studio tests, although in real life you’d be hard pushed to spot much difference between it and the Canon 350D / Digital Rebel XT or Panasonic’s DMC-FZ30. That’s still a good result though.
As far as the lens is concerned, there’s softness in the corners at wide angle, but no more than you’d get with most 3x lenses bundled with digital SLRs. In terms of geometry and vignetting the S9500’s lens, like the Panasonic FZ30 and Sony R1, out-performs most digital SLR bundles.”

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