Fujifilm FinePix S9000/S9500 – Review @ Bytesector

Emad G. has just posted a review on FFujifilm FinePix S9500/S9000 Zoom at Bytesector. FinePix S9500/S9000 Zoom is a SLR-like digital camera featuring 9 Megapixels with a long 10.7 optical zoom and a 1.8″ LCD screen.


“Images typically came out fairly soft and colours carried the typical Fuji coolness that I’ve come to love. In addition to this, the onboard flash on the camera is fairly powerful and well placed. Red-eye was minimal under all shooting conditions. The lens provided for some great shots both close up and at long distance with only a minimal amount of purple fringing to be noticed in most shots. In some, it was glaringly obvious, but it was a rare occurrence. This is due more to the fact that most point-and-shoot cameras just don’t have the quality of optics offered in the lenses for true SLR cameras.”

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