Fujifilm FinePix S5800

The FinePix S5800 has been designed with portability and ease of use in mind, which extends far beyond its diminutive size. The camera can be operated easily with one hand, thanks to a simple, well-placed button layout and ‘rocker’ zoom for fuss-free, smooth operation of its 10x optical zoom lens. A mode dial provides easy access to all of the most popular features, such as preset scene options and movie recording, whilst Fujifilm’s redesigned, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) menu system makes the camera controls easier than ever to access and use. The FinePix S5800 is truly a take-anywhere camera that will record all the most important memories; from student gap-year, to graduation, weddings, family holidays and school sports days. The camera’s fixed lens housing also ensures super-fast start-up time of just 1.1 seconds, ensuring even unexpected action can be captured easily and quickly. Not only is the lens capable of picking out detail in the distance with its 10x optical zoom, it also features a Super Macro mode. With this mode selected the FinePix S5800 is able to focus on objects down to just 1cm so that everything from close-ups of flora and fauna to wide, sweeping landscapes are within its reach.

Other benefits of the new FinePix S5800 include:

* ISO 1600 light sensitivity for flash-free shooting, even in low light, which means photos will look much more natural with balanced background and foreground exposure. On-board flash can sometimes leave the foreground looking over-exposed, whilst losing the background altogether thanks to the limited range and the harsh effect of direct flash
* Unique Fujifilm lighting systems such as Intelligent Flash, which assesses the scene and sets power output accordingly, and Natural Light plus Flash, which takes one shot with, and one without flash and pops both up side-by-side for easy comparison (for those times when you do want to shed a little more light on your photo)
* Continuous shooting, which keeps shooting until the shutter button is released, then retains either the first or final three frames, for action sequence photography
* Dual compatibility for xD-Picture Card and Secure Digital memory card formats
* Integrated lens so users never have to invest in more lenses or worry about dust on the sensor (a common problem with SLR cameras and detachable lenses). Plus a huge 10x zoom range, with 1cm Super Macro shooting capability, so that everything from close-ups of loved ones to landscapes of honeymoon beaches is in range, and pin-sharp thanks to the unrivaled quality of Fujinon, Fujifilm’s renowned lens division, optics
* Fujifilm’s unique Anti-blur technology, which assesses the scene and optimizes the ISO sensitivity setting so that the camera can use a fast shutter speed, even in limited light, freezing even fast-moving action without blur
* Movie recording, with sound, for those times when a still image isn’t enough. Electronic Image Stabilization ensures handheld movies do not suffer from blur caused by camera shake
* Bright 2.5-inch, 230,000-pixel screen with 60fps refresh rate and Wide View filter for easy framing, reviewing and sharing of images, even in bright sunlight
* 12 scene position modes
* 26MB internal memory

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