Fujifilm FinePix IS-1 – Review Roundup & Sample Photos

The Fujifilm FinePix IS-1 is a Fujifilm’s latest model for capturing images in the infrared light spectrum released on 04.01.07. This specialized infrared sensitive version of the SLR-like S9100 featuring 9.0 million effective pixels, Visible – IR (400 – 900 nm), 10.7x zoom (28 – 300mm), and a 2.0-inch Low temperature polysilicon TFT LCD screen. The camera is measuring in at 128 x 93 x 129 mm (5.0 x 3.7 x 5.1 in), weighing 650 g (22.9 oz) and it’s running on 4x AA alkaline or NiMH battery.



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Valhalla, NY, January 4, 2007 – Fujifilm continues to lead in the area of alternative light photography with today’s announcement of the IS-1 digital camera, Fujifilm’s latest model for capturing images in the infrared light spectrum. The IS-1 was developed for use in the law enforcement, medical/dental and science fields and is a follow-up model to the FinePix S3 Pro UVIR D-SLR.

Like the FinePix S3 Pro UVIR, the IS-1 will help law enforcement officers solve crimes by capturing evidence not easily seen by the human eye. It can be used in both the visible and infrared light spectrums, making the evidence-gathering process more efficient and accurate.

For example, the IS-1 has a continuous live preview feature, an advantage during infrared photography for focusing and composing when using dark lens filters. It also has an articulating LCD, which simplifies the processes of previewing, capturing and reviewing photos – especially when the camera is in a laboratory environment. Its 10.7x, 28-300mm optical zoom system is built-in, minimizing dust, making operation a snap for forensic photographers.

Through the use of an infrared cut or “hot mirror” filter on the lens, the IS-1 can capture a visible light image very close in quality to that of a standard digital camera, adding flexibility and cost-effectiveness to the overall package.

“The FinePix S3 Pro UVIR has been well-received in the forensic and scientific markets, and we anticipate an even better reception for the IS-1 digital camera in these same channels,” remarked Darin Pepple, Marketing Manager, Electronic Imaging Division, FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc.

“Law enforcement and scientific departments often contend with very restrictive budgets so a product that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, without draining too much of their resources, is quite appealing.”

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