Fujifilm FinePix A345 – Review @ ImagingResource

Imaging Resource has recently posted their review on Fujifilm FinePix A345, a 4.1 megapixels camera with 3x optical zoom lens, a good-sized bright LCD monitor, and Pict-Bridge support. In conclusion they wrote:


“Pro: Good skin tones, Auto white balance handles a wide range of lighting well, even does a fairly good job with household incandescent lighting, Better than average exposure accuracy, Good lens, generally low distortion (some chromatic aberration at wide settings though), Good camera styling, very compact, Very simple user interface, Accurate LCD viewfinder, Good low light capability (But only in Night mode), Case design fits both large and small hands well

Cons: Color is a little uneven. Greens and yellows are undersaturated, blues very oversaturated, Auto ISO boost in dark conditions makes for very high noise when flash is enabled (Images not really usable for prints larger than 4×6 inches), Only white balance and EV compensation options in Manual mode, Fairly slow from shot to shot, Only average shutter response at wide angle, very slow at telephoto focal lengths, Contrast is a little high, tends to lose highlight and shadow detail under harsh lighting, Very tight optical viewfinder, Some users may find the highly saturated blue colors unnatural”

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