Free Software: FrameFun

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Name: FrameFun
Description: FrameFun is a simple application to add frames to Bitmap, JPEG or PNG images. You may select an outer frame, a border around the image and a drop shadow for a 3D effect. You can modify the color and width of each Frame, Border and Shadow. You may additionally modify the direction of the drop shadow. A Batch Conversion option allows you to “frame” several pictures in one go. If the pictures have different sizes, you can select a relative Frame/Border/Shadow width.
License: Free
File Size: 1.20 MB
Requirements: Windows

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ConnectedPhotographer reviews the FrameFun (rating: 3/5) and writes;
“You could also do vignette effects quite effectively in Photoshop, without the blue coloration, but that’s not free. We’ll leave that as an exercise to the reader. Because of the bluish cast around the vignettes and the overall simplicity of the program, and remembering that it’s free, we give FrameFun three lenses out of five.”

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