Free Photo Software: Photobie


Name: Photobie
Description: Photobie is a free image editing software with multiplayer support. Photobie includes many embedded filters and supports many Photoshop filter (.8bf) plug-ins. Photobie featured with advanced screen capture tools; It also supports photo framing, and image directory browsing; It can create/edit high quality gif animation with/without transparency. A compact flash player is also included. Photobie can generate true color icon. Photobie is full feature packed, which enables you to create eye-catching images and animations. Photo frame feature allows you create and apply frame to your photo easily. Image directory browser feature allows you to open as many image directories and browse them in a simple fast way, and it also provides batch resize/rotate tools. Photobie integrates most useful features just to allow you to finish daily photo editing work within one environment. Version 3.2 optimizes GIF animation and adds a mask layer feature.
License: Free
File Size: 2.38 MB
Requirements: Windows All

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