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Do you enjoy photography and the news? Now there’s a web site dedicated to helping you become a news photographer either full-time, part-time or as a citizen journalist. It’s the web’s first citizen photojournalism site – is a news photo site for amateur photographers. The site’s mission is to help photographers become photojournalists and to help them get news photos published on an international news site.

Unlike other news sites that accept photographs from photographers but bury them in the back of the site, WeSay prominently displays photos from members on the homepage every day. Heck, they’ll even bump an Associated Press photo for a photo from one of their members.

And those photos are just as good as those shot by professional photojournalists. Some photos from our members have received literally thousands of views!

How to get involved

The main feature offered by WeSay is a Member Profile. In the profile gallery, members can upload their latest photos. Each day photo editors check these images and regularly place them on the WeSay homepage, which is seen by thousands of visitors daily. And the site doesn’t claim ownership of the photo. WeSay only asks for permission to display them. They are not sold or redistributed.

You don’t need a picture of a meteor striking Antarctica or Paris Hilton sunbathing in the buff. The WeSay news categories are broad and the editors are very interested in local news photos. You are sure to have something that will fit one of six categories: News, Environment, Sports, Celebs and Far-out.

Local is fine. Photographs can be of neighborhood news events, area sports stars, local musicians, the weather outside your window or something just plain weird and offbeat. With your Member Profile, visitors can vote and comment on your images. You can also write a profile about yourself, include a link to a website and converse with other photographers.

WeSay offers numerous Photo Tips on how to become a better photographer and citizen photojournalist.

Sign up for the Newsletter which keeps you informed of upcoming photo contests, new photo tips and gives you a sneak peek at unique images just loaded onto the site.

Free Photo Contests

WeSay conducts a Best of Citizen Photojournalism Photo Contest on a regular basis where you can display your top images. Unlike many other contests, this contest is totally free…with great prizes.

The Jan.-March 2009 contest prizes include an Epson Stylus Photo Printer R1800 (or cash equivalent), $100 and $50 gift cards from Ritz Camera and a photo book from dotPhoto. (They’re also giving away 50 free prints). Plus there will be honorable mentions for each category.

It’s easy to win. There are SIX categories so you probably have a great photo that fits in one of those categories or you can out and shoot that prize-winning image. The current photo contest runs until March, 31, 2009. The categories are: News, Environment, Sports, Celebs, Far-Out and a special category: Winter Sports.

Check out the latest news photos every day

Even if you don’t happen to have any new photos to load into the photo gallery, stop by WeSay every day for the latest and greatest news photos from around the world. WeSay posts photographs from Associated Press and our members daily. Some of the unique and interesting member galleries showcased on the site have included rare Beatles photographs from a concert in 1968; a leopard chasing a student in India; protesters getting sprayed by mace at the Republican National Convention; a surprise visit by Bruce Springsteen to a local benefit and hundreds more.

If you’re interested in learning more, sign up here to become a WeSay Member and get on track to become a citizen photojournalist.

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