Photo Posing Guides

An inexperienced photographer might find it very difficult to properly direct a model for great poses that will enhance the model’s presentation, showing her best face and figure, and most importantly convey the photographer’s message.

Model Posing Guides

Model Posing Guides & Tips software called the Model Pose 1.1 pro by Photocrack comes with around 200 posing guides and is available for free. You can simply print the poses available or save it to your laptop and bring it anywhere with you when you have a photo session with your models.

The Photography Posing Secrets eBook by Malcolm Boone is a newly released practical resource for creative posing that will quickly show you clear and comprehensive practical steps to produce and communicate a pose for any situation. Read the ebook if you want to improve your ability to produce and communicate posing ideas that will lift your portraiture to a higher standard.

With these very helpful guides, you can be sure that you’ll never be stuck for a pose again.

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  1. shadow28 says:

    good job, this will be useful for me tank you very much! 🙂

  2. Mobin says:

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  3. frank vang says:

    i want some free posing ideas

  4. Angel Conde says:

    great job, i use to much, thanks

  5. Jack says:

    Great thinking and great works.
    Best wishes.

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  6. Sylart says:

    Great job!
    I is wery useful!

  7. karl says:

    thanks a lot….its very very useful for a newbie like me…

  8. Doug says:

    Do you have a Mac version? This looks very useful and I am interested in using the guide.

    Could you possibly e-mail me a link or pdf?


  9. Tobias Nykänen says:

    Im also interested in a mac version.

  10. Bro says:

    Mac Version would be great.

  11. jafet says:

    mac version would be great!!

  12. Ben says:

    Thank you for this, it is very helpful

  13. imagini says:

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    thanks all stuff is very gud

  17. dobber says:

    Am I missing something here?
    What do you mean, exactly, by “free download”?
    The link I follow takes me to a site that will SELL me the book for $24.97 US! Now, that hardly seems “FREE” to me!

  18. Dobber, you can download the Model Pose 1.1 pro software for free.

  19. julian says:

    nice tipsss

  20. Ed G says:

    Thank you so so very much. I have focus on learning the techie details of exposure and lighting in portrait photography but completely overlooked an essential human modeling aspect. I expect your guide and download to help me immensely in the future. Again, thanks!

  21. Bruce says:


    I twice downloaded the Model Pose 1.1 pro software but when I try to run it in Windows XP I get an error message saying “this is not a 32-bit file” or something. I tried forcing it to run under Windows 95 but that didn’t work either. Anyone have any ideas?



  22. Arun says:

    This software is kinda cool. i guess my work will be easy now. thanks

  23. ben says:

    i’m having the same problem as bruce,

    error message saying not a valid win32 file

    any help?

  24. This seems a very practical resource. Portrait photography is one area I struggle in and this will eliminate one of the problems! Thanks!

  25. Denny G says:

    Where is the link to down load the model pose soft ware?

  26. DeLont says:

    usefull for us…thank you

  27. says:

    i would like to request a posing guide from tour site because i want to learn more on portait photography.

  28. sometimes I’m also using your tutorial.
    thank you for your sharing.

  29. Dave says:

    Good work, but yes, the free download is misleading… i was looking forward to download the poses. after a second look found out it is actually the software you can download.

  30. tyo says:

    nice post bro,….??

  31. Williams says:

    very very nice!.. thanks!

  32. Thanks for these great tips! I am trying to set a site to show my pics as well.

    Currently the site is the above one, but I am waiting for the transfer to be complete from:

    Will try this stock photography and see if I manage, and stay updated with your site here!

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  33. photograher109 says:

    Great post and the guide you mention is very helpful,if people really act upon on his advices then you will become a photographer for sure!

  34. Donny says:

    Thanks for sharing these great guides. I also found more photography poses at this site. They have links to various resources, free videos, books, and other material.

  35. michael says:

    this is some great information and just what I have been looking for for working with a green screen model shoot

  36. Iskandar says:


    My dad wanted to have a nice photo for his book. But his photographer knows nothing about taking a posed shot.

    At the end he gave my dad a blurred photo ID kind of picture.

    I should buy this book for the guy.

  37. keithclyde says:

    Nice! I don’t even no that there is a software that can generate many posing guidelines.. This is very useful post..Thanks!

  38. edwin john says:

    hello brother and sister.
    i am john i want to learn photography if any one can help me please contact me in this email address.

  39. Portrait Photographer says:

    Posing is a tricky issue in portraiture photography. It’s always hard to get exactly what you expect from the subject. The problem with guides like this is that they tend to make the whole thing a bit less natural for both professional and amateur models. A Portrait Photographer

  40. Demani911 says:

    @shadow28, you are perfectly right. this tips will be very useful to me too. xoxo

  41. Demani911 says:

    this is a great site, and the posts are just inspiring and of great value. keep it up team.

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    Every photographer who shoots people should have these poses memorized.

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