FrameWizard 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame

FrameWizard 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame features 2GB internal memory, memory card reader for easy viewing, 800×600 high-resolution picture display, 4:3 aspect ratio LCD screen, built-in USB port, and Internal stereo speakers. This digital photo frame also supports CF, MD, MS, MMC, SD, and xD memory cards, and USB Thumb Drives; Plays MP3, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, AVI MP3 and MP2 files. The Digital Photo Frame measures 6.9 x 1.1 x 8.6 inches and weight 1 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

FrameWizard 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame User Reviews

Fabulous and Genius!! Something made for me , finally
“The concept is so unique, so far and different from the other digital frames that I previously purchased and used.
It 1st allows you to design and add motion to my photos. Words are so hard to express, you’ll just need to try it
to believe it.”
– By C. Chu
Rating: ★★★★★

WOW, What a great way to show off favorite pictures
“This is the newest thing out to be able to show off your pictures and make them come to life with backgrounds of your own choosing. You can even make the subjects eyes, mouth and head move!! I recommend this as a gift for a person that has “almost everything” or wishes they did. “ – By Jaunee Barrington
Rating: ★★★★★

Awesome way to “show off” your pictures
“This is a unique way to make your pictures “come to life”. It’s fun to actually be able to create different backgrounds for your pictures and see things like a waterfall or river actually moving! The FrameWizard was definitely a purchase I am happy I made–I have already bought another one and given it as a gift!! “ – By Neidra K. Brandenburg
Rating: ★★★★★

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FrameWizard 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame Expert Reviews

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FrameWizard 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame User Manual (PDF)

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Features & Specifications

FrameWizard 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame Features & Specifications

A digital frame like no other, FrameWizard allows you to animate your treasured photos to create one-of-a-kind memories that move. Its innovative software guides you through easy-to-use features to create lifelike movement in people and pets, and beautiful moving elements like autumn leaves and festive fireworks. You can even replace your photo backgrounds with scenic still and animated backdrops, and design a custom matte to reflect the occasion and complement your décor. Equipped with 2 GB internal memory to support virtually unlimited image, video and music, this frame’s memory is as long as yours!

FrameWizard Features
FrameWizard Software

FrameWizard features easy-to-use software that allows you to transform your photos and create one-of-a-kind memories.

Moving Memories
Imagine your children moving and blinking, your wedding photo suddenly smiling back at you, or even the family dog playfully wagging his tail. With the magic of Moving Memories, you can dazzle your friends and delight your family with the magic of your memories in motion.

Element Effects
Create enchanting animated ambiance with Element Effects. Infuse your photos with the natural wonder of swirling autumn leaves, the drama of a lightning storm, the serenity of a twinkling starry night and much more. Or, set the mood with festive balloons or whimsical bubbles for a lively, spirited effect.

Change of Scenery
Take your memory to exciting and fun new destinations. Replace your photo background with beautiful backdrops, animated environments or sweeping panoramas. Choose from majestic landscapes, picturesque skylines, and whimsical backgrounds. You can even replace your background with your own image or photo.

Matte Magic
Create a matte to match! With Matte Magic, you can design a one-of-a-kind border for your photo. Coordinate with your home or office décor, choose from themed, occasional or seasonal styles, or create a custom matte from your own image—Matte Magic creates a truly personal finishing touch.

Frame Wizard Digital Picture Frame
The state-of-the-art FrameWizard frame is handsomely constructed with a versatile black frame in elegant wood to complement any room or office, and boasts an array of easy-to-use features.

Virtually Limitless Memory
2 GB internal memory ensures you’ll be able to create and display photos to your heart’s delight.

Stunning Display
Clear and color-saturated display with 800×600 pixel resolution LCD screen renders striking lifelike reproduction of your precious memories, and seamless play of your videos and animated images.

Remote Control
Operate your frame easily with a sleek remote control using infrared technology. Simple, intuitive design allows you to easily navigate albums, select and play files, adjust settings, play music and set date and time.

USB Port Connectivity
Connect your computer to your frame easily with an included USB cable and send your completed memories to your frame in a snap.

Memory Card Compatibility
Conveniently compatible with most memory card formats, including Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Multi-Media Card and USB 2.0 flash drives.

What’s in the Box:
* Software DVD
* Digital Picture Frame
* Power Adapter
* Remote Control
* USB Cable
* Quick Start Guide
* User Manual
* Cleaning Cloth

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