Flashpoint F-2228

Flashpoint F-2228 is 4 Section Leg Set Carbon Fiber Tripod for beginner, advanced and professional photographer. The tripod features Reversible Stud Accepts 1/4×20 AND 3/8″ Ball Heads with 8 ” Center Column Separates for Low Ground Level Use includes Bubble Level for Fast & Accurate Setup completed with Quick Set Rubber Pads or Ground Spikes. The Flashpoint F-2228 has maximum height of 65″, minimum height 22″, Load Capacity 22 Lbs, and weighs 3.8 Lbs.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

User Opinions

Flashpoint F-2228 User Reviews

Great product for price
“I am using this tripod w/ the F3 ballhead. I didnt have that much to spend but wanted a carbon fiber tripod. I am more than happy the way it folds in and out and the weight since I’ll be using it for hiking. It fits fine in the bag with the head angled.” – By doublg
Rating: ★★★★☆

I would recommend this product
“In order to make it easy to carry on one’s shoulder, I recommend installing Armorflex pipe insulation on two legs. The instructions that came with the tripod are undecipherable. They were written by someone with not basic understanding of English. None the less, what is there to know about a tripod.” – By Chuck
Rating: ★★★★☆

Very good tripod, too small bag
“The tripod is much better than my old ’80’s vintage aluminum Velbon. It collapes smaller, weighs less (3.6 lb vs 4.5 lb), and can be configured in more ways. It is stiff enough and I appreciate being able to hang a gallon of water from it to stabilize it in the wind.” – By Antique Rookie
Rating: ★★★★☆

Good lightwieght tripod
“I am on my second 2228. The first lost a rubber foot and after 6 months, Adorama refunded my money with no problem. I missed the light weight and quick set up so I purchased another. Two feet came out when I got it so I epoxied them in to stay and look forward to using this lightweight and stable product. I shoot lots of wildlife with 70-400 heavy zoom lens and it works.” – By rickshooter
Rating: ★★★★☆

Outstanding Value
“Two of the leg tips fell off but were easily fixed with super glue. Tripod should be thoroughly checked during Adorama’s return-for-refund period. The center pole is metal, not carbon fiber. Two adjustment wrenches are included and can be stored in the convenient pouch inside the storage bag, which is also surprisingly good quality. It’s a solidly constructed store-brand tripod which lacks prestige-brand status. It was originally claimed to hold 22 lbs. I would definitely buy another one if needed and highly recommend it for those who aren’t concerned about brand-name image.” – By photone
Rating: ★★★★☆

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Flashpoint F-2228 Expert Reviews

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Flashpoint F-2228 User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Flashpoint F-2228 Features & Specifications

* Adorama has studied for many years the needs and wants of the beginner, advanced and professional photographer. All the equipment that bears the Flashpoint name meets these essential qualifications, equipment that is dependable at a fair price. The Flashpoint Carbon Fiber Tripods are yet another fine example that follows in the Flashpoint tradition; high quality tripods that can go the distance. Made to Adorama’s specifications, you’ll feel the quality the first time you set it up. Leg locks that work! They open and close with ease. Pride of ownership is only a small reason to have one of these fine tripods in your equipment bag.

* Featuring classic European Styling, these Flashpoint tripods have all the features of other carbon fiber tripods, except the high price. Besides its legendary light weight, carbon fiber does not transfer heat like aluminum, but does absorb vibrations. This feature helps to insure sharper images.

* All Flashpoint tripod legs have rubber double-grip twist locks. The center column can be separated into a low column for ground level use. The supplied wrench can adjust the leg friction to match the photographers needs. Leg tips can be set with either a rubber pad or ground spike for rugged terrain.

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