FinePix S9000/S9500 Zoom preview

Dennis Hissink from Letsgodigital had a preview on FinePix S9000/S9500 Zoom and wrote

“Only a short while I have had the Fujifilm FinePix S9500 digital camera in my hands, and despite the fact that this model was of a pre-production status, I am enthusiastic about the versatile nature of the camera. The camera has a firm grip, lays perfectly stable in ones hand and it feels like you have been using this camera for some time. Though media are claiming and almost dictating us that 4 – 5 Megapixels is enough, I believe that Fujifilm is proving that high resolution like the 9 Megapixels of the Fujifilm S9500 offers more freedom in shooting and printing. Of course we do not need extra noise, but Fujifilm has its own secret powerful tool, the Super CCD HR image sensor, one remarkable sensor! I am sure the S9500 digital camera will find its way to the target group… As soon as we receive a full production model we will publish the Fujifilm FinePix S9500 digital camera review.. till then.. just enjoy the preview!”

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