Fantasea underwater housings announced for Nikon Coolpix 4600/5600, Coolpix 5900/7900

Maxwell Optical Industries P/L has announced Australian availability of new Fantasea Line housings for popular Nikon Coolpix digital cameras.

Maxwell is exclusive Australian distributor for both Nikon Coolpix cameras and Fantasea Line of underwater housings and accessories for divers, snorkelers, winter sports enthusiasts and outdoor photographers.

The two new housings are the Fantasea CP-6 for the Nikon Coolpix 4600 and Coolpix 5600 digital cameras; and Fantasea CP-7, for the Coolpix 5900/7900 series.

Both the new housings are rated to a maximum working depth of 40m/130 ft underwater. They are injection-molded plastic housings, constructed to take the rigorous environments that underwater photographers and outdoor photographers need to handle. They offer a high level of protection for these demanding activities.

The housings offer push-button operation, providing access to the cameras’ most important controls and features. Prior to shooting a photographer only needs to open and close one latch to insert the camera into place; there are without any mounts, screws, or gear alignments to bother with. In operation they feature a compact ergonomic design for easy one-hand shooting.

The suggested retail price of both the CP-6 and CP-7 housings is AU$349. This includes a pre-paid flood insurance policy for one year, which covers both the housing and the camera in the event of water leakage.

Issued by Shipton Communications – 03 5426 2402,
on behalf of Maxwell Optical Industries P/L, Unit F1, Lidcombe Business Park, 3-29 Birnie Avenue, Lidcombe NSW 2141

Product manager: Paul Gibbs, 02 8748 5215

For further information on Fantasea Line products visit Maxwell Optical Industries website at or the Fantasea website:

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