Fancierstudio 1000watt Lighting Kit

Last Updated (13 June’13):

Fancierstudio 1000watt Lighting Kit consist of Backdrop Support System (Backdrop Stand Carrying Case Included), One Black One White 6’x9′ Muslin Backdrop, 2x 105watt bulb (equal 800watt output) one 45 watt bulb equal to 200 watt, 2 x 33″ Shoot Through Umbrella 2 x 7 ft Lightstand One Background Stand, and 3 x E27 Umbrella holder Ac Adapter. It is available with price of $129.99 after discount up to $220.00 (63%).

Overall Rating: ★★★★½


Fancierstudio 1000watt Lighting Kit Features

It is a Photo Background Support Equipment for photos studio that completed with backdrop support system and one white one black muslin backdrop. It designed for easy to setup and extremely portable that makes it perfect for all levels of photographers from amateur to professional. This lighting kit is perfect for video and photography, thanks to two 105watt 5500k perfect day light color fluorescent bulbs and one background like 45watt.

The kit also include one heavy duty backdrop support system able to go up to 8ft height and 10ft wide with 4 sectional bars. It comes with carrying case for backdrop support stand, including two 7ft height light stand, one background stand, three ac adapter and two 33″ shoot through umbrella for easy light diffusion.

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Fancierstudio 1000watt Lighting Kit Sample Photos

Fancierstudio 1000watt Lighting Kit Sample Photos @ Amazon

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