Ewa-Marine launches The D-B Camera Housing

The German manufacturer of underwater housings and protective gear for cameras, Ewa-marine, has launched a new camera housing specifically for the Compact System or Micro Four-thirds cameras. It is the new Ewa-Marine D-B housing that will protect your cameras when you bring it in the surf, in the water, and diving to a depth of 30m. The D-B camera housing is made from double laminate PVC and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass port. It has been available with prices £199.99 on Camera Underwater website.


In addition, on the top of the D-B Camera housing offers a special design section to fit the flip-up, internal flash that owned by some of the camera models, allowing you to use camera above and under water. The D-B Camera housing also offers a pair of non-corrosive and seawater resistant clamping rails which fit together for perfect sealing. It also comes with a handy yellow carry-case which has a water-proof interior to protect from water and zippered side-pocket for easy take your camera.

Additional accessories: carrying case, port adapters A49, A52 and A62, Silica gel (CD-5), foam padding.

The D-B Camera Housing is compatible with interchangeable-lens compact cameras:

* Nikon 1 – J1, V1
* Panasonic DMC-GF1, GF2, GF3, GX1
* Sony NEX-3, 5, 7, C3
* Samsung NX100, NX200
* Olympus PEN E-P1, P2, P3, PL2, PL3, PM1

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