Epson Stylus C40UX

Epson Stylus C40UX is a Inkjet Printer features Max. Print Resolution 1,470 x 720 dpi, Max. Print Speed Black 8 ppm, Color 3.5 ppm, Media Size Maximum: Legal (8.5 in x 14 in), A4 (8.25 in x 11.7 in), Prints on letter, legal, matte or glossy photo paper, and a variety of other media and USB connection, PC and Mac compatible. The Epson Stylus C40UX measures 8.9 x 16.7 x 6.6 inches and weighs 5.5 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Epson Stylus C40UX Reviews

PCpro reviews the Epson Stylus C40UX and writes;
“Photo quality was also superb for such an inexpensive device, especially on Epson’s Premium Glossy Photo Paper. The PC Pro test image was well executed, again displaying smooth colour fades and a pleasing colour balance. Detail capture wasn’t particularly outstanding, though, and grain was apparent in all images, but the C40UX’s ability to blend colours meant that photos still looked good.”
rating: N/A

Expertreviews reviews the Epson Stylus C40UX and writes;
“The best results were achieved by tweaking the custom settings. But despite taking more than 20 minutes to print an A4 image, there was still some banding and graininess. Time aside, image quality wasn’t bad for a printer at this price and skin tones and colour accuracy were especially good.”
rating: N/A

User Opinions

Epson Stylus C40UX User Reviews

Great printer
“Its lightweight, good looking, pretty fast, and prints great photos. Its USB connection is quite fast, its got a convenient paper input, paper output tray. The software supplied is great,especially for photos. Doesnt occupy too much of space. Simple to operate with just two buttons. I feel its pretty good for personal use in home or for students. “ – by A Customer
Rating: ★★★★★

Outstanding quality at an awesome price
“Just purchased the Epson C40UX printer to replace a Lexmark that stopped working. I was on a budget and after doing some research decided to try the C40UX at only [price]! What a pleasant surprise! This machine prints flawlessly! Pros: nice size (not too big a machine); beautiful quality text and graphics; excellent low price! Cons: Very noisy; Black inktank is too small (will probably require many replacements if you do alot of printing); also, color cartridge is combined (separate ink tanks are more economical in my opinion). “ – by GC
Rating: ★★★★★

Asparouh Stefanov
“This is a good printer. It’s not expensive and it does the job just great. I needed quickly a printer to print several hundred pages and this one was a good choice. I finished a whole black cartridge for one day (about 200 pages for the first one and then close to 300 for subsequent ones), but I am very happy with final result – good quality at reasonable price.” – by Asparouh Stefanov
Rating: ★★★★★

little powerhouse
“Looking at the printer, it was very small and i kept wondering if it was a good buy. Just yesterday night i had to print 45 pages in the manner of 42 then 3 pages. It started work and kept working while my computer was stilling processing the last 3 pages the 42 were out. The print quality is good, no paper jams, yes it is a little powerhouse.” – by Odunayo Osinubi
Rating: ★★★★☆

Excellent Value
“For fifty dollars , this is an excellent printer. It is a bit louder than other printers, but the print quality is outstanding for the price range, if you need a printer to print mainly text documents black and in color , this is the printer for you.” – by S. Glenn
Rating: ★★★★★

epsons value
“I recieved this printer with My new Mac. I didn’t expect much from it because it was free, but I was very supprised at the quality prints I got after fiddeling around in the print options. I am a first year graphic design major so this will help me out alot because i will be doing a ton of printing. no problems installing. It is very noisy and a couple of times it told me that there was a paper jam when there actually wasn’t, no big deal. Overall I am happy and would have paid […] for this if it had not been free. “ – by dan
Rating: ★★★★☆

Noisy but nice
“One can actually get into the pleasant rhythm of the printer noise; this little unit works efficiently at its assigned tasks and the ink cartridges are cheaper than the HP, one of which I also own. However, to be fair to HP, I have not figured out how many copies I am getting per cartridge so the cost per print may be in the same range. Print quality looks to be the same as I am getting from my HP960Cse. The price is a bargain in anyone’s book. No complaints here. “ – by Ian McIntyre
Rating: ★★★★☆

Most bang for the buck
“If you’re looking at “low-end” printers, the choices come down to Canon, HP and Epson. I currently have all 3, and the C40 is my favorite. The Canon simply isn’t made as rugged as the other two. The HP is the quietest, smoothest and most dependable printer due to its bottom-feed system but at a considerable cost in speed. The Epson is dependable enough, and when it misfeeds or jams, it’s no big deal to fix the problem. And the noise is a small trade-off, in my opinion, for both the Epson’s outstanding print quality and speed. “ – by Samuel Chell
Rating: ★★★★☆


Epson Stylus C40UX Brochure & User Guide

Epson Stylus C40UX Brochure
Epson Stylus C40UX User Guide

Features & Specifications

Epson Stylus C40UX Features

With an exceptional resolution of 1,470 x 720 dpi, the Epson C40UX brings your graphics vividly to life. Special fast-drying four-color inks hit the paper in microscopic 6-picoliter droplets, guaranteeing clear color separation, crisply defined details, and a smudge-free final product.

The simple two-button operation makes this printer perfect for home use. Kids can create their report covers and science projects while you prepare office documents and gorgeous photos or scrapbook pages.

There is a wide variety of paper-handling options: sizes range from index cards to legal-size sheets or banners, with the weights varying from delicate airmail paper to glossy professional photo paper. You can also print banners, transparencies, and iron-on transfers.

Monochrome documents print at an average of 8 pages per minute, while color speeds vary tremendously depending on the amount of paper being covered. The C40UX connects via your USB port on either PC or Macintosh systems. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on parts and labor, along with handy Epson Exchange service.

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