Epson PictureMate Snap

Epson PictureMate Snap is a Photo Printer features Print Resolution 5760 x 720dpi, Max. Print Speed 0.8 minutes, Print a brilliant 4×6 photo in as fast as 45 seconds, With a 2.5″ LCD, easily crop and enhance photos, remove red eye and much more — no computer needed, Beautiful glossy or matte prints last generations longer than traditional film-processed photos, Enjoy smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant prints you’ll be proud to share. The Epson PictureMate Snap measures 6 x 8.5 x 5.7 inches and weighs 6 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Epson PictureMate Snap Reviews

PCWorld reviews the Epson PictureMate Snap and writes;
“We conducted our speed tests using images stored on an SD Card. The Snap printed quickly, going at 1.0 pages per minute for black-and-white prints (matching the speed of the Canon Pixma Mini260) and at 1.1 ppm for color prints (the fastest speed we measured). Unfortunately, our judges weren’t impressed with the results. At a distance, color prints looked attractive, with accurate colors and smooth tones; close up, however, we could clearly see narrow banding across the whole of the print. Our black-and-white sample suffered from a greenish tint, some graininess in graduated tones, and the same narrow banding.”
rating: N/A

Reviewed reviews the Epson PictureMate Snap and writes;
“The Snap’s print quality performance was excellent, especially considering it’s a compact photo printer. Color accuracy was better than most mid-range consumer printers, while the range of reproduced colors was much better than other compact printers, but not as good as some multifunction inkjets. The Snap’s tonal range, which is important for ensuring good gradation of color on people’s faces, for example, was very good. It performed better in this test than even some professional printers, such as the Canon Pro9000. The Snap was also able to produce very good black-and-white photos.”
rating: N/A

Printerinfo reviews the Epson PictureMate Snap and writes;
“The Epson PictureMate Snap (aka the PM240) is a compact, durable ink jet printer that produces excellent quality prints at slightly cheaper cost per print (as reported by the manufacturer) than many of its competitors. It’s sturdy and unobtrusive, with good seals and protection for the control panel, media slots, and paper trays. While our time tests did show that the printer is very slow at printing very large file sizes, it is unlikely that most consumers will be printing files that large on a compact printer. If you expect to, then definitely look elsewhere, such as some of the dye sub printers. Barring that, the PM240 is a very good quality printer at a very reasonable price, though we wish the optional battery was included with the printer. “
rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Epson PictureMate Snap and writes;
“The Snap also improves upon the Pal’s performance. It printed 4×6 photos at a rate of 1.24 pages per minute (ppm), which is considerably faster than the Pal’s rate of 1.0ppm and even the Canon Selphy DS810’s rate of 1.11ppm. Print quality was on a par with that of the Pal: sharp details and good colors, though we did see graininess, and the photo could have had a bit more warmth to it.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

User Opinions

Epson PictureMate Snap User Reviews

PictureMate Snap is a pleasant surprise
“This product is amazing. It is easy to use either stand alone or attached to a camera or PC. The results are of excellent quality and so convenient. No trip to the store or sending to a remote lab. The multiple formats and editing features round out the product. When I take a trip by car it will go with me for instant results. “ – by Polar Whiz
Rating: ★★★★★

Picture Perfect
“I received this printer for Christmas and I was thinking, OH GREAT ANOTHER LOUSY PRINTER. Boy was I wrong. The pictures print out photo lab perfect and the ink and paper are reasonable as well. The printer isn’t large and oversized so it is not a chore to take it with you to gatherings and functions. I recommend this printer to anyone who has pictures they would like to print on the spot.” – by A. Blandford
Rating: ★★★★★

I love my picturemate snap
“I got the Epson picturemate snap for Christmas and I love it. t is easy to use and the picture quality is very good. It takes less than 30 seconds to print a photo from a memory card. If your looking for a good easy to use photo printer then I would recommend the picturemate snap. “ – by S. Carpenter
Rating: ★★★★★

Love my Snap
“Then along comes this PictureMate Snap that I just received for my birthday. It’s perfect for those everyday pictures! Just pop in the disk, select the photos and press print.. out come high quality prints in a Snap! No computer – no software needed – completely portable. It’s like turning my digital camera into a Polaroid. I was doubly impressed with the extra features on it, not only a viewer but the ability to zoom, crop, red-eye, add borders, turn to BW or Sepia with a few button clicks. It has a handle for carrying and is very lightweight. “ – by J. H.
Rating: ★★★★★

Wife loves it
“My wife is not very technologically inclined and always complained when it came to printing pictures from our digital cameras. I basically had to do it for her as she had hard time pulling the photos from the cameras to print them out from our pc. SOLUTION! I bought her a picturemate snap and now she can print photos easily on her own with impressive results! This is a great portable printer! I would highly recommend it both for ease of use and print results. “ – by F. Rubalcava
Rating: ★★★★★

great little machine
“Just purchased Picture Mate and found it really easy to use (directions that actually make sense), compact in size, and produces great photos. Can be used with the computer or memory card. It is really accurate when producing multiple copies and is pretty speedy. Just make sure you purchase a picture mate print pack (cartridge and paper) because the one that comes with the printer only gives you enough for 11 or so photos. “ – by Elise B. Yuter
Rating: ★★★★★

Great Printer
“I recently used my PMSnap to create 3 scrapbooks for Mother’s Day. It was so nice to have a printer with such bright and sharp pictures. And I loved the options with this printer. I could print wallets or index cards, with borders or zoom in. It was wonderful to be able to have your own photo lab in your own home. “ – by Tara L. Wolfe
Rating: ★★★★★

Epson does it best
“This is such a great little personal photo printer. Easy to operate right out of the box. Small enough to take with you to events such as weddings, family reunions, political protests, etc. or just to set up in a small corner of your desk for your photo printing needs. Prints are as good, if not better than what you’ll get from a photo lab. I’ve now purchased one for most of the women in my extended family, and they all love them! Hurrah for PictureMate” – by C. L. Richmond
Rating: ★★★★★

It does what I wanted it to do
“I bought one of these yesterday. The photos I printed from my 2GB SD card from my Canon G7 were of very good quality. The instructions to set up the printer were flawless and easy to understand. The printer works without the computer. We have an Epson CX6600 that we have not been able to get to print 4×6. This model 240 fills that need.” – by TTQC Driver
Rating: ★★★★★

A “Snap” to use
“I chose the Snap as a gift for a sister who is challenged by new technology. Its ease-of-use should win her over, plus its compact size and portability. She’ll never have to use the computer as it accepts most image cards directly. It should be a great printer for her scrap-booking if she learns to use the new digital camera! The printer’s introductory print pak was past the expiration date, producing striped prints. Nozzle cleaning did nothing. The seller sent a new pak which produced a clear, crisp print with good color saturation and contrast. “ – by Gary J. Fields
Rating: ★★★★☆


Epson PictureMate Snap Brochure & User Guide

Epson PictureMate Snap Brochure
Epson PictureMate Snap User Guide

Features & Specifications

Epson PictureMate Snap Features

PictureMate Snap personal photo lab gives you the power to print pro quality photos at home or on the go. Print your photos, your way and get beautiful prints with rich color, sharp detail and true-to-life skin tones.

Epson PictureMate Snap

Use the adjustable, 2.5-inch, premium photo viewer to select and edit images from memory cards, digital cameras and mobile phones. You can even crop your photos or remove red eye, without using a computer. Then, print pro quality, 4×6 photos in up to 45 seconds1, all with just one touch.

Epson PictureMate Snap

PictureMate Snap is the fast, convenient way to print all your favorite photos yourself. And, it has so many great features, it couldn’t be easier to get stacks of photos you’ll be proud to share. Add fun Disney frames or print wallets and jumbo wallets, portrait packages and more. It’s your choice! And, you don’t need a computer to do it. Print photos on the spot–at the soccer game or family get together. The optional rechargeable battery makes it easy.

Best of all, prints from PictureMate Snap will last generations, and longer than traditional, film-processed photos. Each print is smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant for convenient, worry free handling.

Each PictureMate Print Pack contains everything you need to print beautiful photos. There are even matte and glossy photo paper options! It’s never been easier to print amazing photos–all at an everyday, low print price. So, trust your memories to PictureMate Snap. It’s the anytime, anywhere, photo printer that anyone can use.

Features and Benefits
Pro quality, 4×6 photos you can print yourself

* Print amazing photos with rich color, sharp detail and true-to-life skin tones
* Print your photos, your way–no computer required
* Print a photo in as fast as 45 seconds1–all with just one touch

Fun, easy-to-use features–PC-free
* Insert any popular memory card, then view and edit your photos using the adjustable, 2.5-inch, premium photo viewer
* Crop your photos or remove red eye before printing–hassle-free
* Print true BorderFree classic borders, wallets, Disney frames, portrait packages, proof sheet and much more
* Use PictureMate Snap virtually anywhere–travel friendly design and optional rechargeable battery make it easy

Long-lasting results
* Print photos that last generations, and longer than traditional, film-processed photos
* Share photos so durable, they’re smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant for worry-free handling

Affordable, convenient home printing
* Print stacks of beautiful photos at an everyday, low print price–satisfaction guaranteed
* Pick up a Print Pack and get everything you need for beautiful, 4×6 photos (Each pack includes both a photo cartridge and photo paper.)

Complete compatibility
* Print directly from your memory card, digital camera or mobile phone
* Save photos to external CD-R/RW drives
* Use PictureMate Snap with or without your PC or Macintosh

1. Color photo without a PC in border layout, measured from start of paper feed. Additional print time will vary based on system configuration, software application and page complexity. See for more information about print speed.

What’s in the box
PictureMate Snap printer, power cord, ink cartridge, and software.

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