Epson P4000 – Review @ PCMag

Mike Kobrin has reviewed the Epson P-4000, a multimedia storage with capacity of 80GB, a huge 3.8″ LCD Screen, and measuring 3.3″x5.8″x1.2″.


“The P-4000 is a USB mass storage class device, but it won’t work with Windows Media Player. You put media files into the Albums/PC_DATA folder; we wish Epson had made it more obvious where to put different types of files. The P-4000 still has the archaic eight-character limitation on filenames for photos and videos, though the icons for audio files at least display the ID3 track name (instead of album art). If you have long file or folder names, this can be a big annoyance, and we’re surprised this hasn’t been fixed. “

>> Epson P4000 Latest Price

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