Easy Way to Back up Your Photos

Carbonite offers an easy way to back up your photos for less than $2.50/month. Once you have installed the software, it will starts automatically and works quietly and continuously in the background.

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FRAMINGHAM, MA (PRWEB) – Customers who purchased any digital camera at Staples this holiday season (and for a limited time in early 2006) walked away with peace of mind from knowing that their cherished photos will never be lost. Each digital camera purchase will come with a copy of Staples’ exclusive Digital Photo Protection Kit which includes a free 6-month subscription to Carbonite’s PhotoBackup service , a $17.95 value.

Carbonite is the first “set and forget” online backup service that automatically discovers all the photos on your PC and backs them up securely over the Internet. Carbonite offers unlimited photo backup capacity for only $2.99 per month.

David Friend, CEO of Carbonite noted, “Staples’ tagline is ‘That was easy.’ And ‘easy’ is what Carbonite is all about. It]s the first online backup service that automatically discovers all the photos on your PC and backs them all whether you have 10 or 10,000 – with virtually no effort on your part. It works quietly in the background making sure that every digital photo on you PC is constantly backed up. If you hard drive crashes and takes all your precious photos with it, you can get them back from Carbonite with one click. With unlimited capacity for less than 10 cents a day, it’s by far the most economical way to back up your digital pictures. We soon hope to launch comprehensive backup services that are just as easy to use. For a few dollars a month, we’ll protect all of the valuable data on our customers’ computers.”

Dave Figler, Staples’ vice president and divisional merchandise manager of technology, said, “Digital cameras are a must-have holiday gift this year. When Staples customers use our Digital Photo Protection Kit, they will find it easy to get peace of mind from knowing that their digital photos will be protected.”

About Carbonite
Carbonite is the only company that provides unlimited, automated photo backup for only a few dollars per month. Users simply “set and forget” PhotoBackup and all of their photos will be continually, automatically backed up. Carbonite will soon offer comprehensive backup services at very reasonable monthly prices. More information can be found at http://www.carbonite.com

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