DxO Labs Announces DxO Analyzer version 3

DxO Labs today announces the immediate availability of DxO Analyzer version 3, adding groundbreaking innovations to the product’s image quality evaluation and analysis capabilities:


1. DxO Analyzer now encompasses a comprehensive measurement set in a turn-key solution to qualify the image quality of any image capture device. Available measurements include color, resolution (MTF) and sharpness, dynamic range, exposure, noise, flash uniformity, distortion, chromatic aberrations, vignetting – and more;

2. DxO Analyzer now works directly on RAW images, allowing measurements at the component level. It is now possible to assess the image quality of the optics and the sensor separately from the image processing pipe;

3. DxO Analyzer is completely operator-independent: the proven measurement protocol ensures repeatable and highly accurate measurements independently of the user, whatever the level of qualification;

4. DxO Analyzer now complies with all major ISO and industry standards – such as SMIA, MIPC or I3A.

“DxO Analyzer provides the most complete characterization of camera phones and digital cameras available on the market,” explains Nicolas Touchard, VP, Marketing of DxO Labs’ Image Quality Evaluation business line. “Most major vendors, such as Nikon, Samsung and Kodak, already use DxO Analyzer. And leading photography publications, web sites and consumer testing labs around the world also rely on DxO Analyzer for their device reviews.”

For additional information and pricing, please visit: www.dxo.com

Source: DxO Press Release

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