Driving Photos Tips

Ben McLeod has posted some impressive driving photos at Flickr. I’m amazed how he’s managed to get a really nice blur of the lights while keeping the interior of the car stays in crisp focus like the photo below;

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lightspeed toward the new year (or, the Gitzo goes to work), originally uploaded by Ben McLeod.

So, here are some tips if you want to try the same shot;

Use your tripod
Ben uses Gitzo 1325 tripod and a Markins M10 ballhead for his driving shots. He writes that the combination is rock-steady and keeps camera practically locked into the frame of his car.
tripod setup

Camera Setting
Ben almost always uses a 100 ISO. He sets the camera to manual exposure and generally set the f-stop to somewhere between 7.1 and 11 and the shutter speed to ‘bulb.’ He sets the focus to manual and pre-focus the lens on the dashboard.

You can check out his collection of driving photos here

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