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Nikon has recently announced two new software suite components, Nikon Transfer and ViewNX

Nikon Transfer Screeshot

Nikon Transfer is Nikon’s new utility for downloading images from camera or memory card to your computer. Nikon Transfer provides a simple intuitive workflow suitable for all users from beginners to professionals. Nikon Transfer will be included with the latest Nikon cameras.


  • Automatic recognition / auto start after camera connection or inserting CF/SD card.
  • Transfer images from CD, external HD other removal media.
  • Transfer images to computers hard drive.
  • Easy selection and viewing of images on up to five external devices before transfer.
  • Transfer image-data not only to a primary destination, but also to a backup location simultaneously.
  • Add metadata during transfer, both XMP/IPTC standards are supported
  • Select the application the images are displayed in after transfer.

Download Nikon Transfer for: Windows | Mac

7 Responses to “Download Nikon Transfer”

  1. Margaret M. Jones says:

    Hello, i have a Nikon coolpix l2-l3 camera and have missed placed the picture project disks. I have a new computer and can not download the program from my old computer. I understand picture project does not exist. I am tring to download Nikon Transfer from your site, but am unsuccessful. HELP! Aloha, Margaret Jones

  2. ForteTwo says:

    Hi Margaret,
    In case you haven’t already got an answer to your Q. re Nikon Transfer… try

    it’s the download page for v1.4.0

  3. urmi says:

    i hsve bought a nikon latest dg cam.But there’s no nikon transfer s/w with it.So please kindly tell me,from where i will get it,I think it should be provided,with the camera itself!

  4. marianne says:

    I transfered photos from Nikon Transfer to an external hardrive and want to upload them to Nikon Transfer on a new computer. How do I do it?

  5. clauricio says:

    Senhores .
    como faço para transferir as fotos para meu P.C?

  6. Christine Cook says:

    I bought a new computer and need the SIMPLE AND FREE photo transfer ability for this computer. How do I get it?

  7. Joe Blotnik says:

    I’m new to Nikon Digital Camera and have always downloaded photos directly to my PC using a USB cable. The PC sees the camera memory card as another HD. Does Nikon do the same or MUST I install all of the ‘free’ Nikon software to (only) download my pictures. I have other software to organize, edit, slice and dice, etc., but am wondering if the PC/USB connection could damage the camera. Nikon doesn’t say if it might or might not, but I’m not ready to give it a try without some advice…


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