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Name: Web Photo Publisher
Description: This is a simple Java application designed to make it as easy as possible to publish your digital pictures to your web server of choice. The product has many features including a wizard-style interface, support for .gif, .jpg and .png images, image preview, persistent html captions, order adjustment, and easy selection of photos to be published. The output of the application is a set of resized image files and thumbnail files, an index page with thumbnails, and a set of HTML pages with navigation. Various aspects of the output can be customized such as the option to have different dimensions for portrait vs landscape images, number of columns, and the option to generate multiple index pages.
License: Free
File Size: 151 Kb
Requirements: Linux, Unix, Solaris, SunOS, BSD, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, OpenVMS, SCO, BeOS, Windows

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