Download Free Photoshop Tips and Tutorials

Adobe has posted some very white papers and primers for digital photographers available as PDF downloads. These tips are authored by some of the very well known names in the Digital Photography and Photoshop world.


Here are some of the papers posted at photoshopnews;

The Role of Working Spaces in Adobe Applications by Andrew Rodney
Photographer Andrew Rodney shows you what RGB working spaces are, why you need them, and when you might select one working space over another. This article provides the basic information you’ll need if you are using Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Camera Raw, or any application that supports International Color Consortium (ICC) color management.

Preparing Images for Delivery by Jeff Schewe
What should photographers do to ensure that their images reproduce well in print? Jeff Schewe outlines how you can take some precautions and learn the lingo to communicate with your print service provider to get the print results you want.

Calibrating the Digital Darkroom Environment by Karl Lang
If you want to create the most accurate prints possible in your digital darkroom, you’ll want to learn how to calibrate your work environment. Karl Lang steps you through the basics of how and why you need to manage your work environment as carefully as you do your studio lighting.

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