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Nikon has recently announced the introduction of the exciting new Capture NX 2 photo editing software. As an upgraded version of the Capture NX released in 2006, Capture NX2 is even more powerful and easier to use.


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Nikon Capture NX2 Reviews

OutbackPhoto reviews the Nikon Capture NX2 and writes;
“Conclusion: NX2 is very powerful editing tool, NX2 is a clear improvement over NX, We like the layer (operations) stack model of NX2 a lot, Selection Points and Color Control Points are very innovative and fun to use,…”

LuminescentPhoto reviews the Nikon Capture NX2 and writes;
“Capture NX2 is a solid image editor. It offers excellent NEF conversion quality and now has some much-needed tools to make it even stronger.”

Nikon Capture NX2 Press Release

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 03 June 2008 – Nikon Europe is pleased to announce the introduction of its new image-editing software, Capture NX2. As an upgraded version of the proven Capture NX that was introduced in 2006, Capture NX2 is even more powerful and easier to use. It is intended for all photographers looking to achieve quick and comfortable image enhancements with intuitive operation.

In addition to the acclaimed Color Control Point, the new version offers Selection Control Point, enabling users to apply enhancements such as Unsharp Mask and D-Lighting to a specific area that is immediately viewable on the monitor. Using the Auto Retouch Brush, one can simply apply mouse strokes to clear away specks (caused by dust when an image is shot) that appear on the image. To fill a traced area, the software detects and applies the most appropriate portion to deliver the most natural image. Workspaces based on assumed workflow and an improved Edit List further enhance efficient operation and expanded expression.

Ludovic Drean, Product Manager Software at Nikon Europe B.V.: “Having received so much valuable feedback from our customers using Capture NX, we developed a new generation that has the maturity to satisfy any demanding photographer who will get amazing and effortless results without comprising quality.”

Major New Features

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