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PhaseOne has recently released version 3.7.5 of Capture One® RAW workflow software. The latest update will support Canon EOS 400D, Epson RD-1s, Leica M8, Nikon D2Xs, Nikon D80 and Sony Alpha A100


>> Download Capture One 3.7.5 Update (Windows)
>> Download Capture One 3.7.5 Update (Mac)


September 18th, 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark: Phase One®, the world leader in professional digital imaging solutions, releases version 3.7.5 version of Capture One® RAW workflow software. Capture One RAW workflow is once again one of the very first RAW workflow to offer RAW files support for new DSLR cameras such as Nikon®’s new flagship, the D2Xs, Nikon D80 and Canon® EOS 400D. The 400D is not supported tethered in Capture One. RAW files from Leica®’s brand new digital rangefinder camera, the M8, Epson®’s R-D1s as well as Sony®’s first DSLR camera: the Alpha DSLR-A100 are also supported in Capture One 3.7.5.

Trine Voss, VP Sales & Marketing for the Capture One product line says: “Time to market is essential in a fast moving business. Therefore, it is our objective to always be first with camera and RAW file support for new professional DSLR and rangefinder cameras as we know that this is appreciated by our customers, and we are of course committed to meet these demands. The same goes for new operating systems etc.”

Capture One 3.7.5 PRO/DB version also includes a variety of enhancements that benefit Phase One’s digital back users.

The capture rate performance when shooting in RAW IIQ-L mode on Mac has improved. This performance enhancement allows professional photographers to maintain a high capture rate, which can be very useful at fashion shots.

Phase One constantly improves the existing color profiles in Capture One. In Capture One 3.7.5 a range of new Easy Gray profiles has been included. These profiles are available for Phase One digital backs and are particularly useful for product shots as they create a consistency in neutral tones.

“Phase One is committed to providing the best and most reliable RAW color management workflow for our customers. Therefore, we constantly adjust and improve Capture One’s color profiles in order to provide our customers with profiles tailored for their work requirements”, Trine Voss continues, “It is essential that colors are accurate and pleasing to look at. Therefore, the color profile enhancements are based on a combination of customer feedback and own color expertise.”

Prices and availability

Capture One 3.7.5 is free of charge for existing Capture One users and can be downloaded at

Capture One is available through Phase One’s world wide network of resellers and through the Phase One on-line store at

At the moment, the SanDisk® Corporation, the world’s largest supplier of flash storage card products, includes a full version of Capture One LE for FREE as part of a SanDisk CompactFlash® Extreme III card purchase. Read more at or contact your SanDisk reseller to learn more about this opportunity.

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